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A person holding a spray bottle before cleaning their home after a major renovation project.

Steps for cleaning your home after a major renovation project

If you’ve just gone through a renovation, you’re probably feeling a bit tired, overwhelmed, and very ready to move into your long-awaited new space. However, there’s a bit more to go. Although cleaning your home after a major renovation project sounds painstaking and time-consuming, it’s essential. Luckily, you’re neither the first nor the last person…

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Things To Do Before Hiring Move-Out Cleaners

Things to do before hiring move-out cleaners

Leaving a clean home after you move out is essential. However, it is better to let professionals do it – professionals have more skill and tools to leave the home sparkly clean. But, if you haven’t hired professional cleaners before, you might feel puzzled about how to do it. There are certain things to do…

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a clean and minimalistic living room

How to help a hoarder move into a new home

There are not as many tasks as challenging as helping a hoarder relocate to a brand-new home. The house of a hoarder is usually jam-packed with items of all sorts. From old newspapers and torn-up clothes to piles of books and plenty of other knick-knacks, hoarders are known for their habit of holding on to…

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How To Freshen Up Your Home With Natural Long-Lasting Scents

How To Freshen Up Your Home With Natural Long-Lasting Scents By now, you’ve probably realized two things: Every home has its own unique scent, and you rarely notice the scent of your home. We call that ‘nose blindness.’ It’s nothing to worry about, but it’s something to look out for. Unpleasant smells might fill your…

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A man lying under a pile of boxes.

Cleaning Items From Storage

We all have possessions. If we have fewer of them, we tend to keep them by our side. But, if we have more of them, we usually keep them in a storage unit of some kind. Assuming that you belong to the second group of people, do not forget that all those items inside your…

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making the list of things to do before booking a house cleaning service for your move

7 Things to Do Before Booking a House Cleaning Service for Your Move

Moving out of your home is the chance to leave it spotless and even get more money. Deep-cleaning a home is one of the methods of staging a property for sale, and that’s one of the reasons you shouldn’t skip it. However, as the moving schedule gets busier and the moving day is approaching, hiring…

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A woman dusting

Why hiring move-in cleaning services in summer is important

Moving is a complex and stressful process all year round. However, summers and the heat that comes with them tend to make packing and organizing your belongings even harder. Nobody has the time nor the energy to do all those moving-related tasks during scorching days. That is why people hire professional movers. However, movers are…

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Home for Sale

Don’t Wait too Long Because This Seller’s Market Is on Fire!

If you’ve been debating about putting your property on the market but are unsure about the timing, here are some reasons why you DON’T want to wait!

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hiring professionals to do spring cleaning will make your home clean and fresh, like a vase of daffodils in this photo

Benefits of Hiring Professionals to do Spring Cleaning

Spring season is fully in bloom, and summer is on the doorstep. With warm and sunny days already here, we all feel rejuvenated and energetic, at least until two words come to mind – spring cleaning. While some people thoroughly enjoy scrubbing and dusting, for many others, that’s not the case. Although it can be…

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Different Types of Dirt and How to Get Rid of It

Below is an article that was written by Humberto Mazzarri from BEDROOM AND LIVING ROOM: THE EASY PART It is no secret that the living room is a drag to clean, but that is because of its dimensions, not because it is complicated. Usually, these high-transit areas are plagued by only one thing: dust….

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