10 Ways to a Cleaner Home

Your busy routine doesn’t have to stand in the way of an active social life. However, your messy home might discourage you from extending invitations to friends and family. When you don’t have time to clean, these tips will help you create the illusion of a clean and orderly home.

Focus on the Olfactory

Our sense of smell is a powerful component in the picture of reality shaped by our brains. These tips help you create a more comfortable environment by controlling odors.

  • Skip the sprays and incense. Open your windows or doors to let fresh air sweep away staleness. Use a box fan for increased circulation.
  • Stash dirty dishes in the dishwasher or cover them with towels or a large pan to mask old food smells.
  • Out of fabric refresher? Mix equal amounts of water with fabric softener for a quick upholstery fix.

Visitors are more likely to forgive a disorganized home if it smells inviting.

Bathroom Breaks

Chances are good that your visitors will need to use the bathroom during their stay. Use these techniques to spruce up your restroom in no time.

  • Close the shower curtain to hide grimy linoleum and tiling. This is also a great place to hide mounds of laundry and other belongings that you can’t find a place for quickly.
  • Use disposable wipes to shine up surfaces and remove dirt and filth. Don’t forget the toilet seat!
  • Take out the trash to remove a major source of odors and give your restroom a more presentable appearance.

With these techniques, you can have a guest-ready restroom in less than 5 minutes.

Line of Sight

See your home through your visitors’ eyes to decide how to use your limited cleaning time.

  • Confine your gathering to one room. Close doors to bedrooms and other spaces so guests won’t see the mess.
  • Use your environment to mask clutter. Besides the shower or bathtub, dining room tables are another great place to hide a lot of stuff. Stack boxes or bags under the table then cover with a large cloth to disguise your temporary storage space.
  • Open the curtains to give your guests a view of the outside world. This will help distract them from less-than-standard indoor conditions.
  • Tackle floors first for maximum effect. Use a broom and dustpan for touch ups. However, it might be worth the time to drag out the vacuum cleaner.

Of course, the easiest way to prepare your home for visitors is with the help of your local Dallas home cleaning service. Hire professional cleaners to come in and take care of your dirty work while you attend to party details. In between regular visits, however, you can use these tips to have your house ready for guests in a flash.

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