Recurring Cleaning Services

Are You Ready to Give Up Cleaning House For Good?

When We Clean Regularly, You Won't Have To!

Give up housework today!

When your weekends are no longer bound by house chores, you'll find you have so much more time on your hands to do the things you love! Whether it's taking your dog on a hike, splashing around in the pool in the summer time or treating yourself to a spa day, it's your time to be spent your way!

Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly

Your time is to precious to spend it cleaning!

Most home-owners have do much on their plates already that maintaining and balancing obligations such as work, school, raising a family, etc. can eat away all our free time and we're left at the end of the day with a house that hasn't yet been cleaned. Let us shoulder that responsibility for you, give us a call!

Start Recurring Service Off Right With a Deep Clean

We'll get you home clean then keep it that way.

All of our new recurring cleaning clients begin with one of our deep cleanings. This ensures we get your home up to our standards and can easily maintain it week after week. We break out our finest combs and brushes to make sure every nook and cranny is cleaned and dust bunny vanquished! Your home is your biggest investment so keeping it clean and germ-free is crucial for happy, healthy living!

Save $25

We'll take $25 off for new customers with the code SAVE25.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Recurring Cleaning Services

Yes, we do. You can find our complete service checklist here.  

We do have flat-rate pricing, though we recommend contacting us for specific questions regarding any special services. 

Absolutely! We understand not every home can be treated the same way and will need specific care. Please contact us for more details and to create a tailored solution for your home.