5 Best Ways To Clean Wooden Furniture

There is something about wooden furniture that elevates the look and feel of a home. Whether it has something to do with how it brings a traditional and classical look into your space or how it stands out with the common plastic and metal home furnishings that are sold everywhere, homeowners and furniture enthusiasts will always have a preference for wooden furniture. But the prestige they bring to home comes at a price; they need a lot more maintenance than other types of furniture. Below are some tips on how to clean wooden furniture.


The first step in cleaning and maintaining wooden furniture is to ensure it doesn’t get damaged by the environment. Avoid putting it somewhere that sunlight or heat could reach it. If it is situated by a window or near a fireplace; make sure you cover it or move it away.


Not a lot of people particularly enjoy dusting but it’s a chore that is best suited if you want to maintain your wooden furniture. Airborne particles such as dust and other debris create a thin layer of wood that leaves marks and scratches on the surface. Regular dusting help to ensure this buildup is kept at a minimum. When dusting, it’s always best to use soft cloth such as cotton shirts, microfiber, or cloth diapers to prevent damage on the wooden surface.


There are times when dusting isn’t just enough to keep your wooden furniture clean. You might be tempted to use an all-purpose cleaner but such products can actually result in damages to the wooden finish. If your wooden furniture has spots that are sticky or heavily spoiled, you can dip a cotton cloth in a mixture of water and mild dish detergent. Wring the cloth to rid it of as much water as possible before gently wiping the spot on the furniture. Then follow it up with a rinse from a damp cloth that’s been dipped in just water. Lastly, dry the spot by wiping it with a soft, dry cloth.


Many of the available commercial sprays and polishes contain either silicone oil or petroleum distillates to create a fresh and shiny finish. Both compounds also serve to protect the wood. When using such products, keep in mind not to use too much of it on the wooden furniture or bed frame as it can lead to excess build-up. Add in dust and dirt and a sticky film will develop on the surface. Always remember to buff when using these products to avoid build-up. Avoid using polishes and sprays with a wax protectant because it will only create a sticky film on the furniture.


For furniture that was stored away and has become too dry, you might need to apply oil to it. Start by cleaning it first using an appropriate cleaner then prepare the wooden surface using #0000 steel wool keeping in mind to work with the grain. Then apply a liberal amount of furniture oil and let it soak into the wood for 15 to 20 minutes. If you plan to apply a protective coating, let the oil sit for 24 hours before applying the coat.


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