Best Home Improvement YouTube Channels You Must Watch

Do you love watching home improvement shows? Watching Chip and Joanna Gaines, Property Brothers, or any other HGTV show can make anyone want to grab a hammer and start tearing down walls. While these shows can be great for inspiration, they don’t give a lot of how-to advice. Once you have been inspired, how do you actually make the improvements?

We’ve rounded up some of the best YouTube channels to show you how to create your dream space for yourself. YouTube channels can be a great place to learn a new skill as many of the videos are very approachable and easy to follow. See below for some of our favorite home improvement YouTube channels.

Apartment Therapy

This channel complements the popular Apartment Therapy blog. On their YouTube channel, you’ll find DIY videos on things like How To Paint a Wall, How To Organize Your Closet, and How to Clean a Microwave with a Lemon. Beyond just DIY tips, they have lifestyle tips on how to maximize your space, how to take care of house plants, and how to start a bullet journal.

This channel is all about how to make your space your home. They have all the info you will need to have a happy and healthy home. Check out their YouTube channel here.

DIY Network

The DIY Network Channel is your go-to guide for home improvement. This is where you can go to have all your do-it-yourself questions answered. Some of their videos cover topics such as how to remove and replace baseboards, how to switch out closet doors, how to paint laminate kitchen countertops, and how to make a DIY floor lamp and shade. Pretty much any project you want to tackle can be found on this channel.

Fix It Home Improvement Channel

This channel creates videos for home improvement projects and products for homes and gardens. They also have a podcast to give you even more tips. These videos are more advanced with topics such as concrete patio and sidewalk repair, the best caulking gun for painters, and how to stain outdoor furniture. Check out this channel when are ready to take on the pro-level projects.

Valet Maids YouTube Channel

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