Design Choices That Make Your New Home Easier to Clean

Once you pause to think about it, you will find that cleaning your home takes up a lot of your time! Sure, it might only take fifteen minutes here and fifteen minutes there. However, if you add up all those ‘quick cleaning jobs’ you do during a day, you will end up at a staggering figure! To help you trim down the time it takes to clean up your home, we present to you design choices that make your new home easier to clean!

Go with hardwood or laminate flooring

Let’s face it, the absolute easiest floors to maintain are those made of hardwood or laminate. They do not stain, dust does not easily stick to them, and you can easily notice when something needs to be cleaned up. You would not need to learn about different types of dirt and how to get rid of it just to clean your home correctly! Besides, these types of flooring are pretty enough, so you won’t require any kind of carpeting!

Go with hardwood or laminate flooring

Avoid carpets

Now, we have already stated not needing carpets is a bonus. They are complicated enough to transport – you need to keep carpets protected during transportation, so packing them for a cross-country move isn’t easy. They are also magnets for dirt, dust, and all kinds of hard-to-clean debris. If you buy a comfy, fluffy carpet, your problems will only be magnified. They are pretty much impossible to vacuum. And the only way to clean them would be to take them outside and beat the dust and other icky stuff out of them. Or pay professional cleaning services, which can often be expensive.

Pick out furniture with elevation

How many times have you nearly stopped cleaning in frustration because you couldn’t get to the underside of your couch without needing someone to lift it? Well, that can be easily avoided if you get furniture with some elevation to it! It will be easier to clean up the dust and knickknacks that end up under or behind it, and it will also likely be more comfortable to sit down. In addition, since it is elevated, you could purchase a Roomba or something similar to do the cleaning for you.

Consider putting in a central vacuum system

This will make your life so, so much easier in the kitchen! It is practically impossible to deal with all the crumbs that end up under your cabinets or appliances without breaking your back. However, if you install a central vacuum system with smartly positioned sweep inlets, you will never need to worry about it again! Instead, you can focus on trying to freshen up your home with natural, long-lasting scents, so you do not have to deal with the lingering smell of whatever the last meal you just made was.

Choose the material of your upholstery carefully

Furniture is complicated to clean. You can vacuum most types of upholstery, true. But you can’t do anything about stains and other problems that require actual washing. The only thing that comes even slightly close to being a proper solution is water pressure cleaning. But it is still complicated to pull off, and you run the risk of your furniture smelling vaguely moldy for a small eternity afterward.

On the other hand, materials like leather and vinyl are resistant to stains. They are easy to wipe down and quite comfy to boot! Of course, vinyl might be the better choice. Both because of the cost and how sensitive leather can be.

Make sure you have enough space behind the toilet bowl

Anyone who has ever followed a deep cleaning checklist will know how much emphasis is placed on cleaning the area around the toilet bowl. Simply put, this is probably the yuckiest and dirtiest location in your home. And most people overlook it or only pay little attention to it while cleaning! Another complication is the fact that it is often tough to clean around or behind a toilet bowl, precisely because of how close it is to the wall. Giving it enough space might make it take up more of your bathroom. However, you will be congratulating yourself on your foresight the first time you need to clean it!

Plan out your storage space with care

Before you can take advantage of different ways to reuse packing materials and give new life to packing supplies, you need to decide where to store most of your belongings while they are not in use. You might choose to locate most of your storage in an out-of-the-way spot. For example, a rarely used room. However, you are creating more work for yourself that way. When items are not handled often, they accumulate dust. Just trying to keep up with the cleaning of your storage room will eventually grow exhausting. If, however, you incorporate your storage into rooms you often use, it will never get to that point. You might want to consider purchasing furniture with storage space. Since that way, you can keep your things out of the way while still ensuring they are close at hand.

Install tiles in your kitchen too

A kitchen is a messy place. Oil sizzles and pops everywhere. Flour can easily get blown off a counter and end up all over your floor. Crumbs and small bits of food regularly get everywhere during food preparation. However, if you install tiles in your kitchen, it will be much easier to clean up. A simple wipe-down or a quick vacuuming session will get most of the mess sorted. Coupled with the central vacuum system we had discussed before, you will be well-armed and ready to cook. You will not need to worry about post-relocation cleaning guidelines relating to kitchens at all!

Install tiles in your kitchen too

Final Note

We hope you have found our list of design choices that make your new home easier to clean helpful! Cleaning can be a chore. But at least you do not need to make it any harder than it has to be. We are sure you will cut down on the time required to clean your home significantly with some clever planning and thinking ahead.

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