Do You Really Need Renters Insurance? Yes, You Do!

As a renter, you put a lot of work into creating a space where you feel comfortable. Whether you rent a home or apartment, where you live should make you feel at ease. If you haven’t purchased renters insurance, however, your home and property may not be protected.

Why should you consider renters insurance? You might not think you need anything other than car insurance until you buy your first home, but that’s not always the case. In the event of a catastrophe, your landlord will rebuild the building itself. They will not, however, pay to replace everything you own inside the building. That’s where renters insurance comes in. Let’s take a closer look at how a renters policy can help you when you need it.

Renters insurance protects your possessions

As we mentioned, your landlord probably has insurance for the physical structure of your home. But they don’t insure your property inside it. That means that if a fire destroys your electronics, clothes, appliances, furniture, decor – everything you own – you have to replace it all. Or if your TV and laptop are stolen, your landlord’s insurance won’t cover the cost of replacing them.

Fortunately, renters insurance covers these types of scenarios. With a policy in place, you can get the money you need to replace your damaged or stolen property.

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Renters insurance protects you

Beyond protecting what you own, your renter’s insurance policy can also protect you. Some policies include liability coverage to help if you face a lawsuit because of an accident or injury in your home. This can help pay the legal fees – and even the settlement – of certain lawsuits.

What are some dos and don’ts of renting?

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It’s very affordable

Compared to other types of insurance, renter’s policies are typically cheap. Most policies cost less than a night at the movies (think, around $25) each month. It’s a small amount to invest in protecting your financial stability and everything you own.

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Renters insurance can follow you

If you include your valuables, like your laptop, in your policy, it can extend past the walls of your home. Talk to an insurance agent about the protection that can travel with you. That way, even if your laptop gets stolen from your car, your policy can help you replace it.

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Renters insurance can make disaster recovery easier

If you really want your policy to be there in times of trouble, look into coverage for additional living expenses (ALE). If you have this type of coverage and a disaster makes it impossible to live in your home, your policy covers the extra costs while you wait for your rental to become habitable again. With ALE coverage, your insurer will pick up the tab for hotel stays, meals out, and more.

Clearly, this insurance can do a lot for you. If you’re a renter and you want to add a layer of protection to your possessions and finances, consider investing in an affordable renters policy.

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