How Often Should You Get Your House Cleaned?

When new and potential clients give us a call, they often ask us “How often should I get my house cleaned?”

This answer to this question depends on several various factors as people have different lifestyles. Should the home be cleaned weekly? Is bi-weekly better? Is monthly enough? It really depends on you, your lifestyle, as well as your budget. That’s why Valet Maids offers various options to fit your needs. The best part is that the more frequently we clean for you, the less you pay per cleaning.

The most common option chosen by our clients is bi-weekly cleaning (every two weeks). However, weekly cleanings are better if you have a large family or several pets. Another reason to have weekly cleanings is if you entertain often and need your home guest-ready at all times. Our cleaners will keep on top of your high traffic areas such as the bathrooms, kitchen, and living spaces.

Even though bi-weekly and weekly options are the most popular options, the monthly option can be a great option as well. If you are an empty nester, single, or don’t mind tidying up between cleanings, monthly cleaning may be a great option for you. Monthly cleanings cost more per cleaning but are more economical in the long run. A monthly professional home cleaning will make your cleaning chores less of a burden during the in-between weeks.

Another option is to hire Valet Maids to have your house cleaned just from time to time. Some clients hire us once or twice per year to supplement their own regular house cleaning. These periodic cleanings are generally deep cleanings and are maintained by the clients in the intervening months.

Deep cleanings get in the nooks and crannies of your home to make it sparkle. Deep cleaning is recommended to be done at least annually, but quarterly is ideal. This will make the maintenance cleanings more effective and keep your home in top condition.

Valet Maids is available for whichever cleaning option you choose. You can easily book online or by calling us at 214-438-4804.

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