How to Clean Your Baseboards Easily

It’s easy to overlook the baseboards when cleaning your home. They may even be something in your home that you barely notice. Even if you don’t always notice them, baseboards can get very dirty if you don’t take the time to clean them. This forgotten area needs to be added to your cleaning routine. The good news is that baseboards can be pretty easy to clean. See below for our guide on how to clean your baseboards.

How to clean grimy baseboards

If you have been neglecting your baseboards then cleaning them may be a task that takes hours to complete. Here are the supplies that you will need: dishwashing liquid, water, bucket, microfiber cloths, towel, and cotton swabs. A vacuum cleaner may be necessary as well.

Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Baseboards

  1. Move furniture away from the walls
  2. Use a microfiber cloth (or vacuum) to dry dust the baseboards. If you have knee pads, wear them so that you will be able to stay on your knees longer.
  3. Use your bucket to mix the dish washing soap and warm water
  4. Dip your cloth in the soapy mix and wipe the baseboards
  5. Clean the corners by dipping a cotton swab in the cleaning mixture
  6. Dry the baseboards with fans before moving the furniture back

Routine Baseboard Cleaning

Once you have completed your initial cleaning, set a schedule to maintain them. Follow these tips to clean your baseboards weekly or bi-weekly.

  1. Move your furniture and dust the baseboards with a microfiber cloth.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment with quickly remove dust and debris
  3. Use a sock and yardstick to clean the baseboards without having to move furniture.

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