How To Create Space In Your Office For A Guest Room

An office that functions as a guest room is convenient and saves space. If you have an office full of paperwork and furniture, cleaning up is the first step to creating a new and functional room.

Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Use

The idea is to get your space down to a desk and the wall in front of it. In the digital age, it is easier today than ever before to live a minimalist lifestyle. Scan your items and save them on a hard drive or on the cloud and then shred them. You still have a copy without the bulky paper mess. There are printing services and mail services that pick up packages at your Dallas home.

Create a Space That Allows Productivity

Your guest area is only important if you can work well. There are creative ways to make a space a functional office while it also functions as a guest room. A wall of bookshelves with a Murphy bed creates a spacious office until it is time for bed. The area will look smart and spacious while you work. Add little items for decor that are easy to move out of the way. Try lighter armchairs, end tables and plants to create a comfortable area that is easy to convert.

Unique Couches

A daybed with drawers under it can look great decorated like a comfortable couch. It is also functional for guests and the items they need to store. An ottoman and an end table can make the area look like a sitting area instead of a bedroom.

If you want an office that looks as professional as possible, a modern couch can convert into a bed easier than most sofas. Most people won’t even know the office doubles as an area for guests to sleep.

Guest Rooms Need Closet Space

If your office has a closet, you may want to store a cot in a closet. This option works best if you only need a twin bed. Organize your closet with shelving for your use and your guests to use. Bins and labels will allow them to identify their spaces.

Desk Space

A wall desk is a practical option if you’d like the room to look more like a bedroom. You can find desks that fold up or down against the wall to conserve space. While your guests visit, store your items on shelves or in a closet. A wall desk can also serve as a breakfast bar for your guests in the morning!

Loft Beds

A loft bed in a small room is an easy fix. Use unique ideas to incorporate a loft bed into your office area. Shelving and a corkboard can make the space unique and cozy. A taller loft bed will make the small space feel larger. You can paint a loft bed to fit the decor of your office.

Trundle Beds Are Perfect for Guest Rooms

If you have a larger space a double or queen bed with a trundle bed can fit several guests. A trundle bed stores under the other bed and usually rolls for easy maneuverability. You can add a trundle to most beds and bunk beds for extra sleeping surfaces.

A space that shares the function of a guest room and an office is an excellent way to conserve room in the rest of your home. Decide how often you expect guests and how often you work in your home office. The ability to work productively and supply a comfortable sleeping area is the key to a successful space.

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