How to Keep Your Pantry Organized

While watching celebrity homes or cooking shows on TV, you will see pantries that will put yours to shame. If it makes you feel better, most of us do not have the luxury of having a huge and fancy walk-in pantry. However, most of us are also not very diligent when it comes to maintaining and taking care of our pantries, no matter how small. Keeping your pantry organized is not as easy as it sounds, but it can be very beneficial and rewarding. Very soon it can turn into one of your favorite rooms in your home.

Why is keeping your pantry organized important?

The size of your pantry doesn’t necessarily need to dictate the functionality of this very important room in your home. What matters the most is how you utilize the space that you have at your disposal. Even the largest pantries can be a huge mess if not used in the right way. Here are some great reasons to step up your pantry game, as this is how keeping your pantry organized can benefit you:

  • You will save money on your grocery bill.
  • Groceries will be used before their expiration date.
  • There will be more free space in your kitchen.
  • You might not need additional storage anymore. Finding a good storage solution is an option, but only once you have exploited all other options in your home.
  • Enjoy cooking once again and get your culinary juices flowing.
  • Spare yourself the stress and save time.

Tips for keeping your pantry organized

Since now you know the importance of having a neat and well-coordinated pantry, it is time to dive into this project headfirst. Our tips can be easily carried out. We will also point out some other important advantages, just to keep your motivation rising. So, it is time to get down to business.

Have your kids’ snacks in one place

Attention all parents: it is time to make life a little easier. Find a little space in your pantry that you will use to store your kids’ snacks. It can be just a little basket or a cabinet that kids can reach. For instance, when your kids are done cleaning their room, you can reward them with a little treat or snack which they can get by themselves. However, don’t show all of your cards. Put all healthy snacks and just a few other treats in a place where they can reach them. The rest you can store somewhere unreachable, as mom and dad can have their own stash. We are all kids at heart after all.

Spare some space for non-food items

Pantries aren’t just great for storing food and drinks. They are also the perfect space for storing smaller kitchen appliances and other kitchen accessories that you do not use very often. Therefore, your egg cooker, rice cooker, juicer, waffle maker, donut maker, and everything else that you use once in a blue moon can be stored away in your pantry.

This is a great way to refresh your kitchen. You will have more space and some items will be kept out of sight, making your kitchen more organized and more inviting. This will motivate you to spend even more time in your kitchen. Your family will be thrilled with all the delicious aromas coming from this room.

Label your jars

Labeling and organizing your jars have a dual purpose. Of course, with some jars, it is very clear what is in them. However, with others, this might not be the case. For example, if you use both gluten-free and regular pasta it is important to know the difference between the two. Thus, the tip is pretty simple and straightforward.

During the labeling process, many forget one very important step: marking down the expiration dates when labeling. This way you will be more likely to use up all groceries on time. As a consequence, you will waste less food and save money. Also, this is a great way to keep the clutter out of your home by not accumulating but using grocery supplies.

Pair similar items together

One of the major benefits of keeping your pantry organized is being able to find things quickly and when you actually need them. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is by putting similar items together in one space. For example, all of your spices should be on one shelf. Once that is done, divide them into spices that you use for savory cooking and those that you use when you bake sweets. The next time you make gingerbread cookies, you will know exactly where your ingredients are.

There is no shame in hiring professionals

Many shy away from hiring professionals to deal with issues that they face in their precious homes. This is a big mistake. Of course, it is nice to know that you did something on your own, but if the results will suffer and thus your home, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help.

When you moved to your new home, you likely hired professionals like Small World Moving Texas that helped you have a stress-free move. So, why wouldn’t you continue the trend? Professional cleaning services can make your home spotless and expert organizers can help you keep your home clutter-free and beautiful. Likewise, there are professionals that can customize your pantry. This way, every square inch of your pantry will be put to good use and be organized in such a manner that satisfies your individual needs.

Maintenance cannot be lacking

Since now you understand all the benefits of keeping your pantry organized, we have no doubt that this will be your next in-home project. Once you are all done, stop for a second and admire all the hard work and the effort you put into this venture. But, don’t think your job ends here. Now that everything is so nice and perfect, you must keep it that way. Maintenance is very important. If you fail to do so, your pantry will very soon go back to being the cluttered mess it was before. Don’t let this happen. Make your pantry the new pride and joy of your home.

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