How To Survive Black Friday Without Going Broke

Every year, the Black Friday specials seem to get better and better. Some of the deals seem almost too good to be true. But how do you take advantage of Black Friday without going broke? Check out our tips below.

Follow retailers on social media

Most retailers post their best deals on social media so it is best to follow them if you want to find the best deals. Follow them on Instagram and like their page on Facebook. This way you will see some of the best offers. Remember that once to visit a retailer online, you will also start to get targeted ads in your social media feeds as well.

Another good option is to subscribe to the retailer’s newsletter. This way they can email you special offers and deals that are often only available to email subscribers. Remember, that if you use Gmail these offers may be under your ‘Promotions’ tab. Be sure to check this tab if you want to see the retail emails.

Don’t wait until Black Friday

Retailers are starting to offer deals earlier and earlier. Often, the online deals start as early as the week prior to Thanksgiving. Start checking the websites of your favorite retailers well before Black Friday so that you don’t miss out on the best offers.

Make a List of Priorities

The number of offers can sometimes be overwhelming. Since you don’t need to buy one of everything, make a list of your must-have items for the holidays. Electronics (especially TVs) are usually the most popular items on Black Friday. If you are looking for a TV, decide what size you want and your desired features. From there, search for the best deals and focus on only buying that item. Only buy items that you truly want and not just something that you consider to be a good deal.

There you have it. We hope that these tips will help you save some money on Black Friday and get what you actually want for the holidays.

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