Keep Your Dog From Tracking Dirt into Your Home

No matter how much you love your pups, you may not feel like celebrating canine-inspired holidays when they track dirt, mud — or something that smells much worse — throughout the house. 

Have no fear! Valet Maids is here to help you with some housekeeping tips for toy poodles, advice for Airedales, and methods for mutts. Use the following ideas for inspiration on how to keep yourself from going doggone nuts whenever your pups come in from playing.

Think Outside the Box… or House

One of the best ways to keep dogs from tracking messes inside is to reduce the amount of dirt they come in direct contact with in the first place. Some ways to do this include: 

  • Caring for your lawn so that dirt patches don’t crop up and replacing grass in bare areas
  • Filling in holes that are prone to puddling or pooling
  • Mulching areas in which grass won’t grow
  • Landscaping with rocks, gravel or stones (Bonus: This is often more affordable in the long run and is a very eco-friendly way to maintain a lawn.)

Set Up a Dog Paw Cleaning Station

Halt those huskies and hounds at the door with a dog paw cleaning station. Place an absorbent dog paw cleaning mat just inside the door. Or invest in a machine-washable fabric rug on which pups can stand while you tend to their feet. Keep some old towels and a bucket of water nearby so you can quickly clean dog paws after walks or yard time. Don’t forget to dry them off, too! 

Teach Your Dogs Good Inside Manners

Dogs are known for being both trainable and eager to please their humans. Put these endearing canine characteristics to good use by teaching them etiquette that can keep your floors safe from dirty paws. 

  • Train them to wait right outside the door (instead of barreling in excitedly) so that you can clean dog paws after walks or playtime.
  • Teach pups to stand on their special dog paw cleaning mat as soon as they enter the house, so you can wipe those pads clean.
  • Train them to clean their own feet. No, we’re not kidding! You’re more or less teaching them to dig on command while standing on their dog paw cleaning mats. There are plenty of instructional videos online that can show you how to do this.
  • Keep Them Coiffed

Certain breeds of dogs are known for having long hair, while others have coarse, curly fur and so forth. Well, what happens when those furry legs and hairy haunches hit the dog park or yard? That’s right. Dirt, mud, leaves, twigs and who knows what else has that much more to cling to. Pamper your pup with the occasional grooming to keep hair and fur-trimmed, and you could reduce the number of dog messes in your home. 

Corral Your Canines

Most people want their furry best friends to have full rein in their houses, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it may be a good idea to set up some buffer zones to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning up after your pets. Consider using baby gates to keep your dogs contained in the kitchen until their feet have been cleaned and dried. You can also set these up to block off rooms with carpeting or fabric sofas and furniture. In addition, make sure you always enter and exit through the same door with your pups, so you can limit the dirty paw traffic in your home. 

And if you’re looking for help with the daily housekeeping, give Valet Maids a call. Our professional housekeepers are happy to lend a hand, so you can spend more time tossing tennis balls at the park or hiking in the woods with your four-legged family members.

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