The 10 Best Cleaning Tricks for Stressed-Out People

Hey, you. Yea you, with the hectic schedule and hot mess of a home to prove it. A friendly PSA: Both the physical act of cleaning and the visual reward can actually work wonders at relieving that stress you’re feeling. (Translation: Tidying up is well worth it.) Here, ten cheaters’ tricks for keeping your digs clean when you’re fried and short on time.

Add catchalls to every room

In the form of a drawer or decorative bowl or a basket. As junk accumulates throughout the week, you’ll have a tidy, convenient place to collect everything—then you can sort through ‘em every week or so.

Stow cleaning supplies where you use them

Think: Keeping your bathroom cleaners under the bathroom sink as opposed to the broom closet down the hall. Storing those items in the same place you’ll use them will save you time and preserve your motivation.  

Do the dishes while you are cooking

Those brief interludes while you’re cooking dinner? They can be put to better use than scrolling through Instagram—try loading the dishwasher or tidying the refrigerator shelves instead.

Dust with your socks

Psst: Those hideous synthetic socks you’ve been holding onto make a remarkably efficient duster. Slip ‘em on your feet (or hands!) to dust your floors and tough-to-reach spots in a jiffy.

And use a lint roller for everything else

See Easy cleaning for your lampshades, drapery, and upholstered furniture pieces that are prone to fluff collection.

Clean your shower while you’re in it

That’s right: Scrub your grout and your hardware—than yourself.

Wipe down your surfaces immediately

Give your counter a quick wipe as soon as you’re done cooking. Give your sink a quick wipe after you brush your teeth. If you do a tiny bit of cleaning, but often, the build-up will be significantly minimized.

Put your clothes back the same day

Repeat after us: I have the will to put my sweater back in the closet rather than the chair that’s literally right next to it. Avoid the leaning tower of clothes that takes hours to sort through at all costs.

Make the bed before you get up

Wake up, grab the top corners of your bedding, give her a shake, then shimmy on out. Here’s how to do it like a pro.

Use aromatherapy mist or room spray regularly

OK, so it’s not the squeaky-cleanest home in all the land. But heck if it doesn’t smell like it. (Bonus: aromatherapy can literally boost your mood.)

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