The Ultimate Moving House Cleaning Checklist

Moving can be a stressful experience. There are so many things to remember that the whole plan can become seriously overwhelming in a short amount of time. Luckily, there are certain steps you can take to make moving less nerve-wracking.

One of the best ways to smooth out your moving process is following a moving house cleaning checklist. When you have a ready-made list of items to take care of, you can be sure that you won’t forget anything important.

In this article, OmniKey Realty provides the ultimate checklist that covers all the essential house cleaning tips you need. When you tailor this list to your home, you’ll have fewer worries.

#1: Bathroom

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  • Clean out the cabinets and drawers.
  • Throw away any old liners.
  • Buy a designated cleaning product to clean out the toilet. Scrub all its surfaces thoroughly.
  • Clean the vanity countertop, soap dishes, shower rack, and toothbrush holders.
  • The tub and shower need the application of a disinfectant and plenty of rinsing.
  • Use a grout cleaner and let the product sit for a while.
  • Make the mirror shine again by applying specialized glass-cleaning product.
  • Remove dirt and dust from your bathroom exhaust fans.
  • Vacuum and mop the floor.
  • Wipe down light fixtures, toilet roll holder, and towel racks.
  • Scrub the tiles with a cleaner that contains bleach.

#2: Living Areas & Bedrooms

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  • Clean all the furniture and use polish for wood surfaces. Use steam cleaning for upholstery.
  • Wash rugs and remove the dust from throw pillows.
  • Find nails, screws, and other pieces of hardware stuck in your walls and ceilings. Remove these completely, apply putty, and paint over these spots.
  • Does your home have a fireplace? Don’t forget to clean this area as well.       
  • Dust all the surfaces in the bedrooms and living room. Make sure not to miss any baseboards, blinds, ceiling fans, or corner.
  • Remove all your personal items from closets, drawers, and wardrobes. Then deep-clean the inner and outer surfaces.
  • Take care of cleaning the blinds, casings, frames, glass panels, and windowsills.
  • Check the cleanliness of air ducts and vents. Wipe down these down as needed.
  • Some of your furniture and other household objects may need fabric or leather protector. Use where applicable.
  • Vacuum the floors. Should you have tile or wood flooring, do some mopping as well.
  • Make sure your clothing racks or lighting fixtures aren’t broken. Repair or replace the broken ones.

#3: Kitchen

cleaning, oven, oven cleaning
  • Clean your garbage disposal. Turn off the fuse and disposal before starting the cleaning procedures.
  • Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Clean the inside and outside of the fridge and freezer. Do the same for the stove, oven, and microwave. Don’t forget to clean the area under these appliances.
  • Scrub the outside of any other appliances you might have in the kitchen.
  • Empty all your cabinets and drawers. Then clean them using a sponge and cleaning agent. Replace the liners with new ones.
  • Apply a specialized glass cleaner on all the glass surfaces in the kitchen, including doors, table tops, and windows.
  • Disinfect the countertops. Clean these surfaces with warm soapy water.
  • Check the door edges, filter, and rubbers of your dishwasher. Remove dirt and debris.

#4: Garage

sweeping, the court, brush, clean, clean up, cleaning, floor, garage, cleanup, vacuuming
  • Remove any personal items or trash that has been left in the garage.
  • Sweep and vacuum the garage.
  • Does your garage have a cement floor? The surface is likely to have stains on it. Use detergent and a coarse brush to clean the area.
  • Dust off all the shelves.
  • Check that you haven’t left any broken equipment, expired chemicals, or dried out paint cans on the premises.

#5: Outside Areas

  • Empty the letterbox and give it a good scrub.
  • Clean the outdoor windows with a glass-cleaning product.
  • Sweep these areas: driveway, patio, stairs, and veranda.
  • Free your gutters from gathered debris.
  • Clean the recycling and trash bins.
  • Conduct move-out landscaping: mow the lawn, weed your flowerbeds, and trim the edges.
  • Clear out the compost bin.
  • Check the eaves, walls, and window sills. Clean these areas, if necessary.
  • Clean the outdoor lighting fixtures.

In a nutshell: The Ultimate Moving House Cleaning Checklist

Moving consumes time and energy. One of the efforts is conducting the final cleaning before the move-out. Having a handy cleaning checklist makes your life a bit easier.

Make sure to cover all these areas of your property before moving out:

  • Kitchen
  • Living areas & bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Garage
  • Outside areas

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