Things to do before hiring move-out cleaners

Leaving a clean home after you move out is essential. However, it is better to let professionals do it – professionals have more skill and tools to leave the home sparkly clean. But, if you haven’t hired professional cleaners before, you might feel puzzled about how to do it. There are certain things to do before hiring move-out cleaners – ensuring you’ve got the best service and preparing your home for them. Here are some valuable tips on hiring cleaning pros and getting the most out of it.

Remember why you need to hire professional cleaners before you move

Many people underestimate the importance of getting their homes cleaned by a pro. If you have some doubts, be sure to remember the benefits you get by letting someone take care of the property you’re about to leave:

  • If you’re moving out of a rental, there’s more chance to get your deposit back and make your landlord happy;
  • If you’re selling the place, a professionally cleaned home will help a potential buyer make a faster decision. Every home is much more attractive when it’s sparkly clean and fresh!
  • Hiring professional cleaners will give you more time to prepare for the move and save you a lot of energy. Trust us; you’ll need it for the unpacking process;
  • Reducing the stress levels related to the move – due to lack of energy and time, people experience moving stress very intensely. Leave this task to an expert and take care of your other chores.

Do some research on the companies that offer cleaning services

If you don’t have experience with cleaning services, it might be tough to hire the best ones. Unfortunately, price doesn’t help much, as the most expensive services are not always the ones to give the most. That’s why you’ll have to make some effort and research the local companies that provide such services. Visit their websites, read the reviews and ask around – this way, you’ll get the selection of at least two or three businesses.

Get precise estimates

After you narrow your search to a couple of the most suitable options, make sure you get estimates from each of them. It is important to know how much the services will cost, as it can affect your moving budget. Ask for an estimate and the way they calculate their fees. Sometimes, the simple money/time calculation is not enough. You must ask about their services and what they will cover. Some companies won’t do certain areas or tasks in your home, so it’s essential to clear that out. Communicate about any special services you need, and point out specific areas they need to skip. Finally, make sure you ask about any additional fees and special conditions that might affect the final bill.

Prepare the supplies if necessary

Another thing you should do before hiring move-out cleaners is to prepare the cleaning supplies. However, some companies bring their supplies and tools, so you don’t need to worry about it. That’s why you should ask them about this detail, and get everything they need ready if it’s your part of the job.

Bonus tip: hiring professional cleaners to take care of your new home is not a bad idea, too. You will move into a sparkly clean house and only have to deal with the unpacking. Also, some people request more environmentally friendly and less toxic cleaning supplies. This is particularly important if you have kids and pets. So, if you have this type of request, make sure you ask the companies you contact if they use green products that are much safer for your home.

Declutter the home

Next, be sure to clear the way and ensure cleaners can access the home with ease. Decluttering is essential before hiring move-out cleaners and a necessary part of the packing process, particularly if you are downsizing your home. Once you get rid of the junk, you can easily pack the essentials you have left. This way, you’ll clear the space, make the packing faster, and reduce moving costs. Cleaners won’t have trouble accessing all the areas in the house and will be able to clean it more thoroughly.

Bonus tip: if you’re on a tight budget, use decluttering to make some money. You can quickly sell the items you don’t need online or at a garage sale, but be sure to start this process a couple of weeks before the scheduled cleaning day.

Make sure your pets are not at home

Moving is stressful for pets, too. They are easily disturbed by strangers coming to their homes and touching or taking away the items. That’s why your pets shouldn’t be at home when the cleaning experts come, but also once the movers arrive to take out the moving boxes. This is a much safer option for your pet and also a good house cleaning etiquette.

Secure your items

As you need to pack for the move, it’s best to do it before the cleaning team arrives. Regardless of whether your belongings will go directly to your new home or you are preparing them for storage for safekeeping, you must get your items ready and out of your old place before the cleaners come. Also, it is imperative if your home includes some fragile items such as antiques, art pieces, musical instruments, etc. Be sure to pack them safely and store them away.

Be realistic

One more thing to do before hiring move-out cleaners is to determine what kind of services you will pay for. It’s crucial to be realistic with your expectations, as there are differences between general cleaning and deep-cleaning services. If there’s something out of the selected range of services they need to do, make sure you are clear about this. Proper communication is the key to getting the job done and making both clients and businesses happy. Finally, it’s not a bad idea to include a tip – and say thanks for the excellent job your cleaners did!

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