Victory Park Restaurants: Something For Everyone

Have you had a chance to try all of the Victory Park restaurants? Victory Park has exploded during the past couple of years. Not only have several new apartment and condo buildings sprouted up, so have several restaurants. Each restaurant has its own vibe and there is something for everyone. Here are a few of our favorites.

HERO by HG – Stop by before a Mavericks Game

HERO is a new concept by the same people who own HG Sply Co. on Greenville Avenue in Dallas. Located directly on Victory Plaza, they have a unique advantage of being a great place to stop by before a Mavericks game, Stars game, or concert. The restaurant sprawls the entire block and has two distinct sections with an arcade divide the space.

The food is elevated bar food and pretty much everyone can find something that they like on the menu. The options range from salads, to sandwiches, to the build your own bowls that HG is known for.

The large and accommodating space makes it a great place to go before the game or just to hang out. With the many screens throughout the venue, you can have the game day experience without actually going to the game. Honestly, it may be a better option to just hang out at HERO than having cheap seats at the American Airlines Center.

Billy Can Can

Another one of the great Victory Park restaurants is Billy Can Can. This restaurant is located at the corner of Museum Way and Victory Park Lane, across the street from the valet stand on Museum Way. This makes parking extra easy because there is no need to look for a parking spot on the street or in the garage.

This upscale Texas theme restaurant is known for steaks, game meat, and upscale cocktails. They have nailed the uptown saloon vibe without making it seem as just a theme. Remarkably, everything in Billy Can Can is authentic and feels natural. The finish out of the space is rustic, yet refined and incredibly inviting.

Billy Can Can is a great place to go for a unique cocktail or a nice dinner and is a great addition to Victory Park.

Hatchways Cafe

Hatchways cafe is one of the new additions to Victory Park. This new additions is a unique blend of a cafe and a co-working space. It is a great place grab breakfast or lunch and catch up on some work. Although you can work in the cafe portion of the space, you can also purchase a membership to use the dedicated co-working space. Hatchways is a great alternative to WeWork and provides a much needed grab and go food option for Victory Park.

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