5 Dangerous Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

When your home needs special attention, your local Dallas house cleaning service knows all the tricks and techniques to get everything back in order. In between visits, however, keeping a clean home can be a challenge. This is especially true for homes with young children or those who entertain frequently. In an effort to correct messy situations, however, homeowners can make some serious mistakes. Avoid these 5 potentially dangerous cleaning mistakes to keep your loved ones safe.

Mixing Chemicals

Stubborn stains are frustrating. While trying to tackle a particularly nasty mark on furniture, floors, or carpets, cleaners will mix multiple products. The idea is to boost the cleaning power of each ingredient. Not only is this an ineffective way to approach stain removal, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Many household cleaners contain chemicals that are not compatible. Putting these things together could cause a reaction that unleashes a toxic cloud. This chemical mist can complicate breathing, trigger respiratory issues, and burn delicate skin tissues.

Instead of mixing cleansers, call your Dallas maid service for personalized assistance.

Using One Cloth for Multiple Rooms

A damp cloth makes it easy to whisk away dust from surfaces. However, it’s not a good idea to use the same cloth for every room in your home. Even if you rinse your cleaning cloth thoroughly in between uses, fine particles of matter continue to cling to the fibers. Every time you use that cloth, you’re transferring microbes from one surface to the other. In this way, house cleaners can inadvertently spread viruses, bacteria, and other harmful contagions throughout the home.

Use disposable wipes for a more sanitary dusting experience.

Skipping Refrigerator Duty

After doing the dishes, cleaning out the fridge is everyone’s least favorite chore. However, neglecting your kitchen duties can have big consequences for your family’s health. It’s easy for things to get pushed to the back and forgotten. Youngsters who are able to get their own snacks can grab them and get sick from spoiled food. Leaving dirty shelves and old containers is also a good way to encourage the growth of nasty bacteria that can infect good foods too.

Aim to clear out your refrigerator once every two weeks.

Using a Dirty Vacuum

Your vacuum is the first line of defense against airborne attackers. Most of the dirt and dust that gets into your home comes in on the bottom of your shoes. A well-functioning vacuum helps remove as many of them as possible. When your vacuum is clogged with grime and dust, it loses suction and can’t pick up as many fine particles. Every time you use a dirty vacuum, you’re throwing all of that matter back into your breathing air.

Do a deep clean on your vacuum at least once a month.

Using Your Dishwasher as a Catch-All

The internet is full of ways to save time using your dishwasher. From bath toys to baseball hats, digital cleaning gurus are advising people to use their dishwasher for all sorts of things. This is actually a terrible idea. Everything that comes off of these items ends up in the traps and filters of your machine. The next time you load it with dishes, you’re basically covering them in the residue from previously washed items.

Choose alternate methods to wash your non-dish to prevent the spread of contaminants.

The best way to keep your home clean without risking your health is with regular visits from Dallas house cleaning services.

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