5 Spring cleaning hacks that everyone can try

Now is the time to start thinking about spring cleaning. You know it’s time and your house knows that it’s time as well. Kick-off spring with warm weather and clean home. Try some of our favorite hacks below.

Clean steel with lemon juice

Some of the best cleaning supplies come directly from nature. Grab a lemon, cut it, and then rub it on your steel faucets. Doing this will remove water stains and accumulated rust. The best part is that it will leave a great fresh smell behind. Do clean your garbage disposal, use lemon juice and salt.

Use vinegar to clean your microwave

When is the last time that you cleaned your microwave? Steam cleaning your microwave is a great way to get out old food stains. Add two tablespoons of white vinegar and a few drops of essential oils to 2 cups of water and heat it in your microwave. This will easily remove any lingering stains.

Clean glass with newspaper

Cloudy days are actually the best days to clean your windows. Use white vinegar and your favorite dish-washing liquid as your solution to clean the windows with newspaper. This works because there is usually oil in a glass and paper towels can make this smear. Newspaper penetrates the oil for a streak-free shine.

Get rid of expired makeup and toiletries

Spring cleaning is a great time to clean out your makeup drawer and bathroom cabinets. Toss any expired make-up and toiletries that you are no longer using. All of those unused or partially used samples? Go ahead and get rid of those.

Run an empty dishwasher

If your dishwasher isn’t cleaning like it once did and is leaving stains on your glassware, then it’s time to run your dishwasher on empty. Start the cleaning with a package of citric acid crystals and run a normal dishwasher cycle. Once that is done, run your dishwasher empty with regular detergent.

Give some of our spring cleaning tips a try. Don’t feel like doing the cleaning yourself? Give Valet Maids a call at 214-438-4804 of easily book online at ValetMaids.com. We are the maid service Dallas loves.

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