7 Apps To Get Home Cooked Food To Your Doorstep

If you are tired of getting the same food from the same restaurant over and over again, you might want to consider trying a few of the apps that offer home-cooked food. Unlike before, the delivery is quick, the menu extensive, the price affordable, and you get fresh and delicious meals each and every time. Below are a few home-made meal delivery services that are disrupting the food delivery industry.  

1. HomeMade

The app is the brainchild of friends Nick Devane and Mike Dee. The platform aims to support local cooks by offering their best meals to customers who are looking for genuine and home-made meals. HomeMade’s targets are for people who work during the day and don’t necessarily have time to prepare meals or don’t have the culinary skills to do so.

It’s a great resource for chefs and hobbyists who can’t afford to start their own restaurants or are too busy to run one themselves but still like to make money out of their passion.

2. Yumist

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Gurgaon, India, Yumist offers home-cooked meals delivered in less than 30 minutes. Orders are taken through their app available in both Android and iOS as well as on their website. Customers are able to select from a menu offered by local chefs and home cooks. Orders are guaranteed fresh, delicious, and prepared with great consideration to cleanliness and hygiene. The menu changes every day so users won’t have to order from the same set of menu.

3. DishDivvy

Another home-cooked meal delivery service that’s seeing a lot of action is DishDivvy. It is one of the most popular platforms that search for the closest places that offer home-cooked meals. The app is perfect for people who prefer to eat delicious and nutritious meals prepared at home but can’t do it themselves or don’t necessarily have the time. DishDivvy prides itself in offering fresh and locally prepared meals made by talented home cooks.

4. HomeCooked

Based and operating in the UK, HomeCooked is another food delivery app that caters primarily to home cooks. They offer quality dishes prepared with the highest standards of hygiene. Fresh home-cooked meals are prepared by talented chefs and cooks and delivered to the doorsteps of customers. Their menus cover a wide range of cuisines as well as contemporary dishes. Ordering is easy and delivery is fast.

5. Watscooking

Funny nomenclature aside, the Watscooking app has many people buzzing with interest. Same with its other competitors, they offer home-cooked meals delivered to customers fresh and delicious. They also tap home chefs and hobbyists who want to make a profit out of their passion for cooking. Their focus is more on traditional home-cooked meals and their target audience is those with a full schedule and no time to prepare their own meal. Affordable and clean, Watscooking is getting significant market share in the food ordering and delivery industry.

6. HomeFoodi

It should come as no surprise that a lot of the home-cooked meal delivery services come from India. The general population has always preferred consuming meals prepared at home in the traditional way. HomeFoodi’s aim is to make that experience affordable, accessible, and appetizing. A lot of effort has been paid to make sure all partner cooks and chefs prepare their meals at a high standard and follow strict guidelines when it comes to cleanliness.

7. Savorly

Savorly’s tagline is “People Feeding People” and they’ve used it to great success. The meals they serve are prepared with care and it shows in its quality. The app aims to bring home-cooked dishes back into the lives of busy people. Relishing on tasting grandma’s recipes once more? Savorly has you covered. Each menu is unique and it changes almost on a daily basis so users never get tired of their food. Through Savorly, the world will get to know recipes handed down through generations and give passionate and talented cooks a platform to share their culinary creations.

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