7 Things to Do Before Booking a House Cleaning Service for Your Move

Moving out of your home is the chance to leave it spotless and even get more money. Deep-cleaning a home is one of the methods of staging a property for sale, and that’s one of the reasons you shouldn’t skip it. However, as the moving schedule gets busier and the moving day is approaching, hiring professional cleaners proves to be a great idea. While you deal with other moving tasks, experts will take care of your home so you can leave it immaculate and fresh. But, to let cleaners do the work, it is necessary to prepare your home for this stage. In this article, we’ll share seven things to do before booking a house cleaning service for your move.

1.     Declutter your home

Removing clutter and junk from your home has a couple of benefits. Firstly, you can pack your household much faster and pay less for your move. You’ll have fewer items in your boxes as you will get rid of all unnecessary things. Secondly, it will be much easier for the cleaning team to clean your home without moving and going around items that need to go. Finally, the place will be more attractive to potential buyers, as clutter and personal items tend to put them off. They like to see a clear space, where they can imagine their life, without your things lying around.

2.     Packing for the move

Packing your belongings is also one of the seven things to do before booking a house cleaning service. As you pack your items into boxes, you make the space empty and easier to clean. That’s why it’s best to start the packing process a bit before the cleaning and moving days. If you start early, you’ll have more time to pack without stress and hurry. Never underestimate the packing process, as it can take a lot more energy and time than you imagined. However, if you’re too busy to do it yourself, trust this task to experts. Also, this might be an excellent time to schedule your moving date. Hire reliable pros to help you out, and the ones that offer a wide range of moving services. The consultants from usmovingexperts.com advise that this is also the time to find a storage unit to place your moving boxes once you pack them ready. This way, you will make the space clear for the cleaning pros and ensure your items are safe until you move to your new home.

3.     Fix and paint the walls

It’s not only about the floors and kitchen surfaces – the walls need to be clean as well. Once you pack up your art pieces and photos, make sure you remove any hooks and nails from the walls. This will prepare you for the next step. Now it’s time to fix any holes and make the surface smooth. It will ensure you can paint the wall without any problems. If you’ve rented the place, make sure you paint the walls in a color that was there when you moved in. And if you are selling the home, you can be more flexible with the color choice, yet it’s best you stick with neutral colors.

4.     Repair floors and carpets

Over time, carpets and floors can get damaged. Fixing them is one of the things to do before you book cleaning services. Apart from checking the floors, make sure you take a look at the kitchen and bathroom tiles, too. Attach any of them that are loose. Doing this will ensure that damage doesn’t become even worse during the cleaning session.

5.     Check if you need to get cleaning supplies

Not all cleaning companies provide their services in the same way. That’s why you need to double-check if your cleaning crew will bring all the cleaning supplies. Ask if it is necessary to provide some additional items, or in case you require some special products – make sure you communicate with the cleaning company.

6.     Ask about the rates before booking a house cleaning service

Again, not all cleaning companies provide the same services – therefore, they don’t have the same rates. The amount of money you will have to pay for this cleaning session depends on a couple of factors – the size of your home, the number of people, and the time they will spend in the house. To plan your moving budget, make sure you get a precise estimate of the cleaning job, too. This will help you prepare the money for the move and cut the costs if necessary. If the cleaning bill is too high for you, try doing some of the cleaning tasks yourself.

Remember: estimates are important both with cleaning and moving your home. Your moving bill will depend on the number, size, and weight of your items. This is particularly important with heavier pieces you own, such as furniture. Make sure you double-check the rates for such pieces and know what to expect from your moving team.

7. Check electricity, water, and gas

Finally, the last step is to make sure that water, gas, and electricity are working well. Check all the appliances and take a tour around the house to see if there are any leaks or some other issues. If any of these seem problematic, make sure you call the person in charge to help you out.

After you have done all the things necessary before booking a house cleaning service for your move, it’s time to actually book your cleaning session. Making these minor fixes around the house will prepare the property for the big clean. Then, you can relocate to your new home and focus on cleaning it too. It’s time for a new chapter in life in a completely different environment!

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