Cleaning Items From Storage

We all have possessions. If we have fewer of them, we tend to keep them by our side. But, if we have more of them, we usually keep them in a storage unit of some kind. Assuming that you belong to the second group of people, do not forget that all those items inside your storage unit need to be cleaned occasionally. This is important for one reason – cleaning them will prolong their lifespan. Of course, you do not have to clean everything once a week nor even once a month. Once or twice a year will be perfectly fine. And, we are here to ease this process of cleaning items from storage by sharing some cleaning tips and tricks with you. So, if that is what you were looking for, keep on reading.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

First things first – before you take out all the items from storage, make sure you have gathered all the necessary cleaning supplies. Warm water and soap will not do the trick this time. You need something stronger if you want to clean items that have been ‘sitting in your storage unit for who knows how much time. For cleaning items from your storage unit and the storage unit itself, you will need the same cleaning supplies you would use for deep cleaning your home.

When it comes to cleaning equipment, you will need sponges, dusters, scourers, microfiber cloths, old towels, cleaning brushes, broom, dustpan, mop, bucket, and a vacuum.

And, when it comes to cleaning products, you will need a multi-purpose liquid cleaner, wood cleaner, glass cleaner, degreaser, dishwashing liquid, baking soda, vinegar, and a disinfectant.

Bottles of cleaning products, representing cleaning items from storage.

Equip yourself with as many cleaning products as you can when cleaning items from storage.

Find a Good ‘Outside’ Place for All the Cleaning

Once you gather all the necessary cleaning supplies, make sure to find an appropriate space for cleaning your items from storage. You cannot do it in the unit as it is too small. That also cannot be the inside of your home because you will make a mess there. The best place for cleaning dirty and dusty items from storage is an ‘outside’ place. You can do it in your garden, if you have one, or on your balcony. You will clean everything fast and with a lot less effort if you do it outside!

Unwrap Your Items Carefully

Who knows more about unwrapping than movers? Nobody really! So, either start looking for a moving company on and ask them for a piece of advice or be extra careful when unwrapping your items from storage. You need to be cautious for two reasons. First, if you kept your items in some old storage unit, all sorts of things could have crawled inside – bugs, spiders, snakes, and all kinds of rodents. Just one reckless move and you may lose your finger! And second, if you do not open up your packages with extra care, you may risk damaging something fragile and valuable that you forget was there. So, be careful when unwrapping. Go one box at a time.

A figurine in a box.

Always unwrap your items with utmost care.

Vacuum and Wash Everything!

Once everything is unwrapped and placed in an open (outside) space, you can start cleaning items from storage. Of course, there are plenty of ways to clean everything fast, but we suggest taking your time and being thorough, mainly because you don’t do this often. So, the first thing you need to do is vacuum everything. Try to remove as much dust as you can that way. Then, choose a specialized cleaning supply for each item. For instance, use glass cleaners for glass objects and wood cleaners for wooden things.

Let Dry Overnight

If you washed some of your items with water, it would be best to let them dry overnight. If you do not do that, there is a big chance that the leftover water on your items will affect everything else in your storage unit. For instance, humidity may be created, which can cause mold, rust, and decay of certain things. Moreover, even if you didn’t use water, let them dry overnight too! The liquid cleaner can cause damage as well as water. They may ‘eat up’ some parts of your items and damage them for good.

Pack Them Properly Again

Another thing you should ask movers is how to pack items properly. You can even hire movers to pack and transport your belonging again. Whether you are planning an interstate relocation from Texas or keep your things in a storage unit for another period of time, that is, whether you plan to pack and leave your home state or maintain your current home decluttered, the procedure is the same. First, you need to gather proper packing supplies (recycle the old ones away as they are probably in bad condition). Then, follow the rule of thumb for packing – first wrap the items in packing paper, then in plastic wrap. Secure the boxes with a lot of duct tape, and make sure to label everything! If you have furniture in your storage, disassemble it first, and then pack it as we have mentioned above.

A man taping a cardboard box.

Re-packing your items properly is just as important as cleaning them.

Clean the Storage Unit Too!

Putting your clean items in a dirty storage unit is just like putting on clean clothes when you are stinky and sweaty. Your belongings will not stay clean for long in a dirty space. So why did you even bother cleaning items from storage? Thus, make sure to clean your unit thoroughly too! This will not be hard as all your items are out and as you are working with a relatively small space, so make sure you remove all different types of dirt. When cleaning your storage unit, all you have to do is vacuuming it first and then going over every inch with a damp mop or a cloth. Do not forget to remove the spider web or any dust hiding in the corners above your head.

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