7 Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting the Bathroom like a Pro

Out of all the household chores (and there are quite a lot of them), there is one that seems to be the most dreaded of all – cleaning the bathroom. People say that, if you want to know how clean a house is, all you have to do is look at the bathroom. Of course, when you have little kids and a nine-to-five job, maintaining a pristine appearance of your bathroom is next to impossible – unless you pay for cleaning services, of course. However, if you are looking for tips on cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom like a pro, then you came to the right place. As leaders in the professional cleaning industry, we are more than competent to share with you seven essential tips we have gathered over the years.

First things first – when should you bother cleaning?

Truth be told, this is a very debatable subject. People’s understanding of cleanliness varies from person to person. For some, cleaning on a daily basis is the only way to keep the home in top shape. For others, cleaning every five days is enough to keep a house clean and tidy. But there is one time when cleaning is of utmost importance – when moving into a new home.

You can never know what type of hygiene the previous owners maintained. Besides, moving into a clean, new home represents a fresh start in every sense of the word. That is why we suggest that you sanitize the whole place before unpacking your items. Of course, you can only sanitize the floors, windows, bathroom, and kitchen fixtures. In other words, you can clean only those surfaces left behind by the previous owners.

Gather your cleaning tools

When thinking about cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom, the first thing that comes to mind is the use of different chemicals. Or at least it should be. So before you start your cleaning spree, make sure you gather your tools. It goes without saying that you are entirely free to use only those chemicals/tools that you deem necessary. Put on your jacket and go looking for cleaning products that will help you keep your bathroom in top shape.

Start by cleaning dry

Your first instinct will most likely be to reach out for your disinfectants and chemicals and start scrubbing the bathroom fixtures. However, the first thing we suggest you do when you start cleaning your toilet is reaching for dry spaces first. You will achieve the best effect by dusting the light fixtures, counters, and even the edges of your bathtub. By cleaning and dusting the dry areas first, you will be able to successfully clean spots and smudges, just like you intend to.

There is no need to disinfect the entire bathroom

We get it – sometimes, the only way a bathroom can feel clean enough is if it’s dripping with disinfectant. However, there really is no need to use disinfectant wipes or bleach for all surfaces of your bathroom. Instead, use the disinfectant for the dirtiest parts of the toilet, and utilize vinegar rinses or regular cleaning wipes for the rest. And don’t worry – you’ll still get a clean and nice-smelling bathroom as a result.

Decluttering applies to the bathroom, as well

How many times have you visited beautiful hotels in Dallas and were mesmerized by the cleanliness and minimalistic style? Perhaps you wish your bathroom looked like your friend’s bathroom, you know, the one who is always keeping his/her place in tip-top shape. If you are wondering what you are missing in your routine, then let us help you out. The culprit can usually be found in decluttering – or lack thereof. Your bedroom isn’t the only place that should be decluttered. For a perfectly clean and minimalistic look, we suggest you do the same with your bathroom.

You should always clean top to bottom

The truth is that cleaning and disinfecting your bathroom doesn’t differ much from the cleaning process for any other room in the house. The rule of thumb is a simple one – you should always clean top to bottom. Let’s say you wipe the floors before anything else. Then you move on to dusting the cabinets. All you will manage to do is to dirty up the floor once again, so you’ll have to spend another 20 minutes making sure it’s squeaky clean. To avoid this incredible waste of time, all you have to do is start cleaning those items that are on top and working your way to the bottom, aka the floor.

Give your tiles some extra loving

Your bathroom tiles take up the most space in this area, which makes them among the hardest things to clean. The good news is that we have a solution to this problem. To clean and disinfect your bathroom tiles, all you have to do is use a steamer. The steam cleaner will open the pores on a material’s surface, and all the dirt will be released. So once you apply steam to the surface of your tiles, you can simply use a sponge to wipe off the dirt. Soon enough, you’ll be mesmerized by what you have achieved.

Cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom should be done on a regular basis

It’s very unrealistic to say that one should clean and scrub the bathroom every single day. However, what you can do is do little things here and there, just to ensure you don’t have to spend hours on this task once you do decide to go for a thorough cleanse. Have you accidentally spilled some shampoo in the shower? Rinse it right away. Have you managed to get some toothpaste on the sink? Wash it down as soon as it happens. This way, these small messes won’t solidify over time, which will make the entire cleaning process that much easier.

The process of cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom is not a favorite one for most people. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend every minute of your waking hour dreading this chore. Just use our tips the next time you decide to deal with this area of your house, and you’ll have a picture-perfect bathroom that will make cleaning worthwhile.

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