Chefs and the chefs at heart consider their kitchens the holy grail of everything. This is where they can showcase their skills in cooking and prepare delectable meals for their loved ones. Cooking with love and passion will always lead to more delicious meals. But one pet peeve of people who frequently spend their time in the kitchen is cooking with a dirty kitchen.

Clutter is a huge hindrance to productivity – in and out of the kitchen. If you have to tirelessly find a kitchen tool, then that means your kitchen may need some cleaning and organization. Working with a dirty kitchen will make you want to dine out at your favorite fast-food chain Montana restaurant.

But if you want to always prep your meals at home, start it with a clean kitchen. Here are some easy tips on how to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen.

Clean as you go

The first obvious tip to keep your kitchen spic and span is to clean as you go. Whenever you use something, make sure to return it to where you got it from. This ensures you won’t have a hard time looking for it the next time you’ll need it. Also, wipe and wash as much as you can when working your way around the kitchen. This will allow for less cleaning after everything is done.

Always empty the sink

It’s always better to look at an empty sink all the time. You don’t want to see a pile of plates and utensils lying around the sink. After eating, ensure that you keep the sink empty by washing the dishes. Also, when you have an empty sink, this paves the way for more seamless kitchen prep and cook time.

Scrub your sink

After washing the dishes, always make sure you scrub your sink. Grease can stick onto the sink’s surface, which makes it disgusting once it piles up. You want to scrub it and wipe it down with soap to make sure your sink is always squeaky clean and shiny.

Wipe your countertops

Your countertop is where you typically chop and prepare the meat or vegetables. Make sure that you always prevent clutter in this area by organizing the things on your countertop. Grab some kitchen organizers so your knives and other kitchen tools are arranged properly. Additionally, you want to ensure that you’re working with a clean countertop as well. Keep a cleaning towel close by so you can wipe your countertop after every use.

Give your kitchen equipment some love

Set a time once every week or two weeks to give your kitchen tools and equipment some love by cleaning them. Even though you won’t use them, wiping them clean will get rid of dust and rust. This also ensures that you’re prolonging your kitchen tools’ life span.

Segregate your garbage

Segregating your garbage means you won’t have a hard time when the bin is full. Also, having three or more separate bins for your biodegradable, non-biodegradable materials, and compost will lead to less clutter. Moreover, make sure that your kitchen bins are big enough, especially if you always cook at home during every meal.

Mop kitchen floors

Cooking in the kitchen means spills and floor stains are inevitable. Treat your kitchen floor equally as your sink and countertops. You don’t want food scraps to pile up on the floor as this can attract insects and ants. Always mop the kitchen floor after every use. Keep your cleaning materials at bay so you won’t feel lazy when it’s time to mop the floor.


Working your way around the kitchen is enjoyable when things are organized and sinks and countertops are clean. Take heed of these seven simple tips and you’ll likely cook the best dishes you can offer to your loved one.

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