8 Things You Should Clean Every Week

Everyone is aware of seasonal cleaning when individuals organize all of their belongings, thoroughly clean their homes, and remove any dust. Sadly, the blank slate doesn’t stay that way long. It turns out that there are certain things in your house that you should clean each week to keep it clean and free of debris and germs while also extending its life and effectiveness. Never worry about an unannounced guest again! All year long, this handy checklist of eight things you should clean every week will keep your house guest-ready. Especially if you have trouble with different types of dirt and are unsure how to clean them.

Which are the eight things you should clean every week?

Fortunately, there are a few things in your house that you can take care of a bit less frequently than the items you already know you need to maintain every day. Here is your weekly to-do list. You can decide to do it all on Sunday or divide it into daily tasks. Enjoy your planning!

First of all, the toilet bowl

Cleaning a bowl can be labor-intensive, particularly if left unattended for a long time. It is a chore that must be completed nevertheless. Unattractive mineral or soil buildup and dangerous microorganisms can be found in a dirty toilet bowl. Cleaning often might assist in getting rid of this.

Latex gloves, chlorine, water, disinfecting sprays, cleaning products, toilet brushes, lemon or baking soda, and scrubbing sponges, are among the standard toilet cleaning tools. Always wear rubber gloves to ensure your safety from microorganisms and toxins in cleaning products. Additionally, be sure to clean them after each use. First, before using toilet cleaners, always read the user manual. When combining some materials with other compounds, you must use proper precautions.

A hand with a rubber glove holding a sanitizer
Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning your home.

You cannot see into the toilet tank because of the lid. It’s a great idea to raise it sometimes and have a peek since you never know what you’ll find. There are several other ways the tank water might get contaminated, and the bowl isn’t necessarily affected. After all that cleaning, use lemon, long-lasting scents to freshen up your toilet.

Kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is a haven for bacterial growth. The sink is the second dirtiest item in your house, behind kitchen sponges and rags. In a perfect world, you should clean your sink each day. But once a week, you should give a much deeper clean by using hot soapy water to wash the surface, followed by a disinfectant to eliminate any potentially dangerous microbes.

Your telephone

You touch or hold your phone in front of your face hundreds of times every day. It goes without saying that the item may require regular cleaning. How filthy is your gadget, then?   Staphylococcus aureus, which is resistant to antibiotics, and Acinetobacter baumannii are among the most prevalent. However, you may quickly eliminate most of the undesirable microorganisms on your phone with a fast wash down using a cloth lightly wet (never soaked) with rubbing alcohol.

Dust your furniture

Dust continually accumulates on surfaces in your house and is composed of hairs, dead cells, pollen, soil particles, and dust mites. But if you have seasonal allergies in your household, clean your apartment’s furniture more regularly than once a week. Watch out on how to clean different types of furniture, and use a microfiber cloth to remove dust instead of a typical feather duster, which only pushes it about.


Your bath towels could dry off your ostensibly clean body, but that doesn’t imply they are clean in and of themselves. Bath towels are 90% contaminated with coliform bacteria, with E. coli present on 14% of the towels.

This is because the warm, humid air in the bath provides the ideal habitat for these bacteria to proliferate. Additionally, if you share towels, you run the risk of spreading diseases. Clean and completely dry your towels at a high temperature to kill any leftover germs and ensure they are clean and prepared for use.

Kitchen surfaces

Simply said, there is a reasonable probability that your kitchen counters are filthy. Kitchen countertops are among the dirtiest areas of a home, with more than 30% containing potentially hazardous coliform bacteria. However, eliminating those bacteria permanently only requires a little water and soap followed by a weak bleach solution.

Kitchen sponge and foam on the sink
Kitchen countertops are some of the filthiest areas of your home.

Carpets and rugs

The carpets should be the first task to handle after a pre-move or postmove cleaning. Sadly, but unavoidably, muddy paw prints, wine spills, coffee stains, and wine spills on home rugs and carpets are all inevitable. Even the most excellent vacuum can’t eliminate stains and spots, even though routine cleaning eliminates dust and embedded debris and keeps your carpets from looking matted and dingy.

Hiring a professional to fix these blunders is expensive, but you may also spend money on an upright or mobile carpet cleaning machine. You can effectively remove the most typical stains from carpets using conventional carpet stain removers and household cleaning products, some of which you probably already have on hand. These stains include red wine spills, food stains, and pet messes.

If you need to move your old or even new carpets, our experts at evolutionmoving.com recommend hiring someone who can help you with proper packing so that you can protect them from getting any stains.


Because you spend hours resting on your bed, it’s critical to maintain clean bed linens. Sweat, oils, and skin cells will accumulate on your bedding during the night. Try washing your bedding at least once every week since it will remain there till you wash them.

women holding bead sheets because it’s one of the things you should clean every week
Washing your bedding at least once every week is an excellent way to keep yourself healthy.


It becomes much easier when you find out what things you should clean every week. Some individuals like to clean the toilet one day of the week and wash the laundry on another. Every week, some cleaning tasks will need to be completed, including laundry, cleaning the washing machine, and cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, furnishings, and linens. The most crucial thing is to establish a schedule so that you can perform these cleaning tasks as needed. Making a timetable and adding it to your calendar or setting a reminder could be helpful.

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