7 House Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents

Many parents find it challenging to maintain a sparkly clean home while going to work and taking care of their kids. On the other hand, a messy and dirty home is not an option with all the kids running around. So, is there a way to deal with this without feeling overwhelmed? Absolutely. When it comes to maintaining a household, the trick is to work smarter, not harder. That’s why we have come up with a guide for all the busy parents out there. Here are the top 7 house cleaning tips that will help you have a beautiful home and still have enough time to dedicate to your family and work.

1.      Don’t let the work pile up

It is important not to let your housework pile up. You can easily get overwhelmed and start hating the housework if that happens. Instead, make sure you have a schedule of your housework tasks. Let each day be dedicated to one kind of cleaning task. Mondays can be for floors, Tuesdays for kitchen, etc. If you do one bit at a time, you will be more organized, have more energy and ensure your home is clean at all times. Also, setting up a specific time for cleaning up the toys can be an excellent habit for your kids. If they know that a particular time is dedicated to putting the toys away, they will accept it as a routine and be happy to do it. However, sometimes the work may pile up, as you don’t have time to do everything. Don’t worry! Professional cleaning services will save you in this situation and save your time and energy.

2.      Include everyone

Even though you may be in charge of cleaning your apartment or house, everyone in the house needs to have some kind of responsibility. Even kids can get some share of work, like picking up the toys, taking care of the pet, or throwing away the trash. You can also get creative and set their assignments that can include both play and cleaning to make it more fun. Learning to take care of their living space will be very helpful for your kids in the future. They’ll learn how to take care of themselves and their home, which will be valuable once they are off to college.

3.      Deal with the least favorite task first

We all have that one house task we hate. It could be ironing, washing the dishes, etc. Try to deal with those tasks first and then continue to others. If you do them in the first place, other tasks will be much easier to do. You’ll feel much better about cleaning as you progress to tasks you actually like to do.

4.      Automation is the key

Busy parents simply don’t have time to do everything. Luckily, we live in the age of many helpful devices that can help you around the house. So, use smart devices wherever possible. Apart from your washer and dryer, use a robot vacuum cleaner, a robot mop, a self-cleaning litter box/dog potty, a microwave cleaner, or an automated fasts scrubber. These smart gadgets can help you save so much time cleaning your home, and some of them can even be turned on through an app! Consumer Opinion can also give you some advice on elevating your household and making your life easier, as websites such as these make looking for all kinds of services easy and stress-free.

5.      Multitasking as one of the main house cleaning tips

Parenting is all about multitasking. And that’s why house cleaning should be, too! For example, you can clean the bathroom while in the shower. Make this an easy nighttime routine, so you have a clean bathroom in the morning. Also, do the dishes while waiting for something to be cooked on the stove. Instead of waiting for it to finish, use this time to wipe the kitchen counter or kitchen appliances, wash some dishes, etc. Multitasking will save you so much time in keeping your home clean and tidy.

6.      Declutter regularly

Too many unnecessary items on the counters, tables, inside drawers, and wardrobes make your house messier and more difficult to clean. That’s why it’s essential to declutter regularly and don’t let the mess pile up. To make this task easier, make sure that all the items you need and use have a dedicated spot. Therefore, once you put them all back in their spot, it will be easier to locate the clutter and get rid of it. Add more decorative baskets and boxes to help you stay organized and minimize the clutter in your home. This is also an excellent tip for toys and books in your kids’ rooms. One of the best house cleaning tips we can give you is to sort out the toys in boxes according to type and size so it’s easier to tidy up – even the kids will know how to do it.

Remember: Decluttering will be very helpful in case you decide to relocate. Moving to a distant location and searching for long-distance movers is difficult enough without being surrounded by a bunch of items. Once your property is decluttered, you’ll pack much faster and with more ease, after which you will only be left with organizing the transfer of your entire family. Long-distance relocations can be challenging, so try to make them easier wherever possible. Packing shouldn’t waste your time – use it to carefully research moving companies and pick the one that will provide the most safety and professionalism.

7.      Wash toys fast

Having a household with kids means toys are everywhere. And once in a while, the time comes to wash them. Putting all toys in the bathtub, washing, rinsing, and drying them can take a while. That’s why you should use a shortcut – your dishwasher. It can wash multiple toys leaving them sparkly clean while you’ll have more time to do something else or simply spend more time with your loved ones.

Finally, don’t expect to have superpowers. These house cleaning tips can help busy parents a lot, and for everything else, you can contact Valet Maids!

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