8 Tips To Transform Your Living Room Space

Your living room is the room that you often find yourself spending a lot of time in. It’s where you watch TV with your family, sit down and visit when you have company. Your living room is also probably one of the first areas that your guests will see when they enter your home.

You want it to be comfortable and visually appealing while making the most of the space you have. There are many different ways that you can transform your living room by spending little too low money.


Sometimes, simply rearranging your furniture can help you make the space look and feel more pleasant. This can help you make the most of your living room and give it that fresh, new, look.

When you arrange your furniture in different areas, you also want to rearrange the pictures and any decorations you have on your wall too.

If you have any decor or furniture that you can bring from another room into your living room you can add a unique flair that you didn’t have before. Sometimes, using what you already have to make something new is all it takes to make it feel truly transformed.

Change the Color

If you are looking for a louder statement than simply hanging around your furniture, you can go with a whole new look by changing up the color. This can be done by painting the room or even adding wallpaper, which has made a comeback recently.

If you aren’t sure that you want to go as drastic as painting the whole room a completely different color, you can paint an accent wall and tie everything together with the new wall decor.

Decorating Your Floor

If you have hardwood floors, you can add a little flair by getting an area rug or a type of carpet that can fit underneath your coffee table or end tables.

If you have carpeting, you can also do this which is fun because you can find area rugs that tie in color from the carpeting and your furniture to bring everything together.

Furniture Covers

If you aren’t ready to throw out your perfectly good furniture and start from scratch, you can buy covers that can change up the color scheme of your living room that is tailored to fit your chairs and couch. This is a great way to make something old look new while saving a little bit of money in the process.


Lighting can make or break your living room space. You want a light that isn’t harsh but gives you enough light to entertain or spend time reading. Certain lighting techniques can also make a small space look larger and warmer.

If you want to add smart lighting or any new type of lighting to your living room, you can hire an electrician who can rewire and get you set up with the perfect system that can create a nice mood for your living space. If you are an electrician who specializes in lighting systems for the home there are options for you to manage these projects.

Natural Lighting

Make use of the windows you may have in your living room by letting in some natural light. If you have heavy curtains up, you can switch to sheer curtains that cover your windows but make the natural light come in softly.

There are also fun window decals that you can put over your windows that allow privacy while giving a neat prism effect as the light catches through them.

Add Plants

Having indoor plants has great health benefits and also makes the room look fresh and comfortable. Some indoor plants act as filters against allergens and other respiratory irritants in the air. On top of purifying your air, they provide a great aesthetic environment to the area.


Sometimes, the simplest things can make a big difference. You can opt to change out all of your pictures. You can stick with a theme when it comes to your wall decor and little knick-knacks that you set out on your tablespace.

Portraits on canvas add a great pop of color and make family portraits look more colorful and lively. Tapestries are also a fun way to decorate a wall and add a little color.

There are also things you can add to any flat surface such as a coffee table or end table. Lamps with decorative lamp shades, figurines, or plaques that have inspiring messages on them can all help to tie into your space and make it look new.

Transforming your living room can be fun and can add a sense of newness to something that may have felt old and tired to you. If you are uncertain of where to start, you can always start with something small. Any one of the choices above can work. Or you can do all of them and enjoy your new space.

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