Dallas House Cleaning Service: Have The Cleanest House in Dallas

Everyone wants a clean house – the one you see in the movies and on television that is spotless. The best solution is a Dallas house cleaning service. You too can have it, with some planning and some continuous efforts. Read below as we share more about how to have the cleanest house in Dallas.

Get Rid of Stuff

Stuff tends to pile up in corners and on tabletops. You can start creating a rule for yourself and your home: if you bring in one item, then you must get rid of one item. You can throw this item away, but you could also donate the item to a charity. You’re creating space for the new item.

You can even capitalize on that item by selling it. Check out eBay or CraigsList. There are plenty of apps for your area that will alert people near you that the item is for sale.

Smooth Surfaces

Do not allow what could be in the drawers and cabinets to spill over on to the countertops. Those empty spaces seem to be begging for you to place something there, but refuse and fight the feeling. If you do place an item on the countertop, tackle the problem immediately.

When you do not have items cluttered on the counter, this makes it easier to wipe down.

Create a System

The house will not clean itself. Create a system and stick to it in order to keep your home clean. Do you have a cleaning schedule? Dirty dishes, laundry, and dirt will not have time to pile up if you are on schedule. The best way to get on a schedule is to hire a Dallas house cleaning service.

Start at the Door

If you start thinking clean thoughts before you enter your home, you will begin the cleaning process. Some people ask that you take your shoes off at the door. This keeps the dirt outdoors and not tacked on to the floor. Additionally, it is thought that if you keep whatever happened that day outdoors, that you are not polluting your home space with negative thoughts.

Once you walk in, freshen yourself up by changing clothes and placing them in the laundry bin. The debris from the day is on those clothes too! Before you sit on your bed, make certain you are wearing cleaner clothing.

A Place For Everything

If you have items that do not have a place to go, then it is going to be impossible to keep your home clean. One great way to keep up with small items is with pegs. Pegs are great for placing your keys on them.

Mail should also have its own place. Perhaps there is a shelf conveniently placed where you can place all mail.

Don’t Wait!

This goes to sticking to your schedule, but there are things that you can do along the way that will help you maintain a clean home. You can also clean as you go.

Instead of waiting to fluff the pillows and fold the blankets after watching a movie, do that as soon as you are done in that area. Instead of waiting until the children have played, start to pick up toys immediately after they are done playing. You can even instill some responsibility to small children by having them pick up some of their toys too.

Be Smart

Use tools that will help you to stay organized. There are complete home goods sections that are dedicated to staying organized. Having an over-the-door organizer can keep all of your jewelry and makeup. This type of organizer is also good for pencils, brushes, and many other small items. The same can be done for office and desk supplies.

Dallas House Cleaning Service: Hire A Professional

Not every budget has room for a professional cleaning service, but if you do have room in your budget this is a good motivator for putting things away. No one wants someone to come to their home and it is dirty, so you will be forced to keep things tidier. Additionally, your home won’t get as clean if the hired help has to focus on the menial things. You will want your money to go a long way and allow the professional to deeply clean everything else. A deep clean ensures that you really get rid of any remaining, unwanted house guests like centipedes or little rolly pollies your kids may track in.

Delegate Tasks

If you do not live alone, then the challenge of cleanliness is not yours alone. Clutter is a group effort. Cleaning should be a group effort. There should be chores done weekly or daily that everyone has to adhere to.

Make Cleaning Fun

Yes, cleaning can be fun! Distract your mind with some music. Have all of your tools ready such as broom, mop, and cleaning supplies, then press Play. You will be complete with your task in no time.

Use wireless earbuds or have some good speakers so that you can hear the music while you clean. You may even use your Fitbit in order to count this as a workout.

Valet Maids is a Dallas house cleaning service that gives you time back for the things you enjoy. Easily book online at ValetMaids.com or by calling 214-438-4804.

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