Checklist For Hiring a Quality Maid Service in Dallas

In recent years, there has been a boom in domestic and commercial cleaning services. More people are spending more of their time doing other things that cleaning becomes less of a priority. To address this, countless cleaning companies have cropped up offering different types of cleaning services. But not every company is suited to the different needs of customers. It’s important that you have a set of standards that the cleaning company should possess. Here is a couple of them.

Background checks

Hiring a cleaning crew means allowing strangers to enter your house, something many people find unthinkable. It’s like inviting trouble. In our modern times, how can we trust strangers with our most valuable possessions? Home cleaning services get around this issue by conducting extensive background checks on all their staff.

Make sure the cleaning company you’re hiring does this by checking their official website or asking them directly. Avoid any such service that has a questionable hiring process when it comes to their cleaning crew.

Free estimate

Back in the day, cleaning estimates as part of the paid service when you hire a cleaning crew. However, because of growing competition, many companies have dropped the price for estimates, or in some cases offer it for free. This makes it possible for customers to easily compare prices between different companies.

Go for companies that offer a free estimate even without booking a cleaning service since this is a great way to get an expert’s opinion about the cleaning you need and could even save you some cash by doing some of the easier cleaning tasks yourself.

Proper training

Although anyone with enough motivation can clean their own homes themselves, hiring a professional cleaning crew ensures that the job is done at a professional level and nothing is missed. To do this, companies train their crew how to clean a space properly and efficiently.

Investigate the type of training that a cleaning company provides their cleaning staff. Training should not only be given to new recruits but to existing staff as well. They should know the basics as well as special cleaning skills such as bathroom and attic cleaning.

Own cleaning supplies

A professional cleaning crew will know to bring their own cleaning supplies whether they’re cleaning this restaurant or that office space. Not only will it mean better cleaning results, but it also makes the cleaning process efficient since the crew is already familiar with their own equipment and how to operate it. Also, cleaning companies utilize industrial-grade cleaning supplies and equipment and thus can do a lot more than your average domestic cleaning equipment.

Personalized cleaning

You want a cleaning service that tailors their service based on the need of the individual customer. Since there are no two homes alike, it makes a lot more sense for cleaning companies to be flexible in the services that they offer. They should be able to adjust based on your preferred time and day of cleaning, the frequency, and the type of cleaning (light cleaning or deep-cleaning). No matter your desire, the cleaning service should be able to accommodate your wants and needs.

Client-centric service

Generally, the bigger the company, the more they are driven with profit instead of the service they offer to their customers. A good cleaning crew should be focused on the quality of their service and providing excellent customer care. You can expect these companies to have friendly and accommodating staff and an excellent track record when it comes to their cleaning service. To know if the company is focused on its clients, read some of the customer reviews that you can find online.

Valet Maids

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