Cleaning your home after renovation – tips and tricks

A major renovation of a house is precisely what you imagine it to be like. It is noisy, it is exhausting, and it is messy. But once everything is said and done, you are left with a refurbished area of your house, making all the effort worth your while. Looking at the fruits of your labor certainly makes cleaning your home after renovation a bit easier, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that you are still in for a few days of scrubbing, wiping, and mopping.

Of course, there is a way to bypass all this hard work that now awaits, and the solution lies in hiring professional cleaning services in Dallas. However, if you feel like you have enough time and nerves to invest in cleaning, you can be successful in this task with the help of a couple of essential tips.

The essential steps of cleaning your home after renovation

How do you get back to your everyday life after renovation, and how do you do it quickly? That’s usually a million dollar question as everything depends on how extensive the work on your home was. In many cases, people have to move out of their homes while the construction is underway. And if you did have to clear out your premises, then that means that now you first have to find residential movers to help with your bulky belongings and fragile items, after which you can proceed to clean everything. Once you arrive at the cleaning part of the job, you will want to pay attention to a particular order of things.

Step 1 – Vacuum everything

After walking into the renovated area of the house, the first thing you are going to notice will be dust. Unless it is expressly stated so in the contract, your contractors are usually just going to sweep the floor for any debris, leaving the rest up to you. And even if the construction team goes above and beyond to protect your walls, furniture, and floors by using plastic covers, you can bet that dust is still going to find a way to get into everything. That’s why your first step should always be to vacuum the entire home.

You are obviously going to start by vacuuming the floors, but you shouldn’t stop there. When cleaning your home after renovation, you want to focus on those places that you usually don’t clean as often. Go under your furniture, vacuum your curtains, and hit every corner of the house. You can use any type of vacuum cleaner that you like – from robot vacuum cleaners to steamers, go with what works best for you.

Step 2 – Go from vacuuming to wiping

There’s a great chance that you won’t be able to get rid of all the dust by merely vacuuming. Besides, there are some surfaces that not even the best vacuum cleaners in the world could clean. Take your walls as an example. Believe it or not, your walls are also going to get dusty. However, logic dictates that they can’t be cleaned. All you can do is take a damp cloth and start wiping them down. But be careful – you don’t want to ruin the fresh new coat of paint. That would be more than just counterproductive – it would be a disaster.

Think about it. When you were moving your essential items out of the house during the renovation, what did you do? You consulted USA Moving Reviews to find some valuable tips and the necessary assistance. It should be no different when looking for a way to clean your walls safely. You can consult house painters in your area to find out which type of cleanser is most suitable.

Once your walls are clean, move on to other surfaces, such as countertops, shelves, kitchen cabinets, flat and hard surfaces – to mention a few. Leave your floors for the very end, and make sure you disinfect them. The disinfecting part is of particular importance if you have small children that are going to crawl all over the floor. Good hygiene is paramount in such a situation.

Step 3 – Pay some attention to the air vents

It doesn’t matter whether you suffer from some respiratory issues or are in perfect health – you need to make it your task to clean out air vents after doing a major household renovation. The dust has a way of crawling into air vents, which can significantly impact the air you breathe. Bear in mind that cleaning your air vents isn’t something you should only do after renovating, as it should be a part of monthly or quarterly deep cleaning of your home. Thus, start by removing air vents and using hot water to clean them. You should also change air filters while there and check one item off your to-do list.

Step 4 – Move on to the rest of the house

Once you get these three basic steps out of the way, you are free to proceed as you like. You can clean your windows, light fixtures, wardrobe, and pretty much any surface in your house. Just be careful which cleaners you use. Most likely, there is no need for harsh cleaners and chemicals. As always, some warm, soapy water and a cloth should do the trick. Make a note to yourself to be extra careful around electrical appliances, as they need to be unplugged before being cleaned.

The process of cleaning your home after renovation might feel like the last nail in your coffin. Understandably, you are exhausted by everything that has accompanied this process. But you just need to remind yourself that this is the final step. After you are done cleaning your home, you can finally enjoy a new and refreshed environment. You’ll see that you will completely forget all the hardships that came with the renovation and be glad that you have decided to remodel in the first place.

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