Pros and cons of robot vacuum cleaners

In the past decade or even longer it appears that technology has been invading every aspect of our lives. So, it seems that our homes are no exception. Artificial intelligence has sneaked into our homes slowly, but surely. If the trend continues, it will only keep doing so. Robot vacuum cleaners are among the latest innovations that are taking house cleaning by storm. But are they worth the hype they are causing? Let’s see what the fuss is about.

Pros of robot vacuum cleaners 

Certainly, there are many advantages to having this super smart and practical machine in your household. Here are some main reasons why you might want to invest in this latest technology.

Automatic and intelligent mapping

These new vacuum cleaners are truly intelligent. They can scan the room and avoid certain obstacles that might get in their way during their cleaning session. Traditional vacuums will only clean and move where you direct them to. This makes it easy to target certain areas within your home.

You can control it through a Wi-Fi connection

Robot vacuum cleaners have the option to be connected with your home hub. So, what does this even mean? It means that you can be cleaning your home like a pro while at a business meeting or while sipping iced coffee by the pool. This is the essence of remote cleaning. There will be no more surprise visits that you cannot handle because your floors are a mess. This can be avoided by sending directions to your vacuum through a mobile app or even via voice control.

Set your cleaning schedule in advance

Since these new cleaners base their actions on artificial intelligence, you can program them to clean on certain days during specific times that suit you. For instance, if you work from home you don’t want your vacuum to distract you. You can set it to go to work while you are on your lunch break. This way you can be productive while working from home and your floors will remain spotless.

Storage will be a piece of cake

Traditional vacuum cleaners are usually hard to store because they are very bulky. Sometimes this is the sole reason why you don’t feel like vacuuming. Who wants to deal with taking the vacuum out of storage and then storing it away once you are done? After a grueling cleaning session, this is the last thing you want to be doing. Well, say goodbye to this annoyance. Robot vacuum cleaners will store themselves in their docket station. This way they will be stored away and charged for a new cleaning adventure.

Great for individuals that have limited movement

Individuals that are hurt or have some type of disability struggle to keep their homes clean on their own. The same goes for the elderly. Those joints and knees just don’t work like they used to. No worries! A robot vacuum is exactly what the doctor ordered. Your floors can be cleaned in a jiffy while you relax in the comfort of your clean and fresh home.

Cons of robot vacuum cleaners 

By now we know there are many upsides when it comes to these new and very handy cleaning devices. However, as always, where there are pros, there are some cons as well. Thus, let’s explore them before you set your mind on purchasing a robot vacuum.

Pre-cleaning arrangements

The majority of modern robot floor cleaners are not smart enough to avoid every single obstacle that gets in their way. This means that you will have to create order in your home before you let your new cleaning assistant loose. Therefore, get ready for some serious tidying up, before your vacuum goes to town on your floors.

They are usually very expensive

The average cost of this new cleaning right hand is $500. In comparison to the old school vacuums, they can cost five times more. Hence, purchasing a robot vacuum would be quiet a hit on your budget and large home investment. Of course, some options come up to only $100. Still, be aware that such cheaper options will be very limited in their capabilities and you will be left unhappy with your purchase.

Speed is not something that you should look forward to

If you are looking for a fast fix when it comes to cleaning your floors, unfortunately, this will not be a good solution. When you clean using an old-fashioned vacuum, you are in control. Your decisions are made fast and the vacuum goes where you direct it. Robot vacuum cleaners are controlled by artificial intelligence. It takes much more time to make an appropriate decision in which direction it needs to go and what needs to be cleaned. Consequently, if you are looking for a swift solution when it comes to your floor’s cleanliness, this will not be it. Certainly, this is not a fast way of cleaning your home.

So, what do we think in the end?

It is hard to give a definitive opinion on this new and very impressive cleaning tool. There are many pros and cons. The truth is, we all have different needs and expectations, so it is only natural that you will have to decide on your own if a new robot vacuum will be joining your household.

However, one thing is for certain. Robot vacuum cleaners have just hit the markets, which means that there is much more to come. Since technology is developing at lightning speed, robot vacuum cleaners may have many new and improved options to choose from.

So, what do you think? Will a robot cleaner be joining you as your right-hand helper during your home cleaning ventures? Or will you remain old school with a traditional vacuum cleaner?

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