Things You May Not Think To Clean But 100% Should

Assume that right this instant; you are doing your routine house cleaning, how many surfaces do you reach? Do you go for the table surfaces, or do you go a little further? Well, here are ten things and places we all overlook.

Is house cleaning essential? A question that ringers on the minds of most house owners. Are the table-tops clean enough, and is the floor spick and span? These are the areas that we always include in the house cleaning to-do list with the essential tools for home, but we do miss some vital spots too.

Want to find out what they are, read on.

1. The Couch – Beyond The Surface

When we talk about cleaning the couch, we mean going beyond the surface. That means you have to remove all the cushions and if you can the outer covering as well. The sofa being the most habited place in the living room, a lot of food bits and pieces find their way inside the couch. If this is not one of your house cleaning zones, please include it the next time.

2. Table’s legs

This is mostly for the households that have children, and even those without, table legs and other furniture legs must be cleaned as well. Furniture legs gather dust and other greasy dirt that has to be removed periodically during house cleaning.

3. Door Knobs and Handles

What is the first thing you touch when you enter and exit a locked room? The door handle or knob, right. And so this means that everyone else does the same, making the doorknobs and handles needing the same attention as anywhere else.

4. Kitchen Cabinets doors

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You get into contact with the kitchen cabinet doors more often than you think. When you want a glass, you touch one, and if its a spoon you want, you do the same. But how many people clean the kitchen cabinet doors on a daily? Probably a few! That said, clean them every so often during your house cleaning duty.

5. Curtain Rails

They are high up, but that does not exclude them from getting a rub. Curtain rails are an ideal place for spiders to build their webs hence the need to clean the curtain rails. House cleaning is a good exercise to stretch and reach the highs and bend for the lows. Curtain rails are on the higher end.

6. Window Sills

Window sills are yet another spot in the house that is overlooked during house cleaning and we don’t think to clean them. We assume that since it is rarely used and it looks clean, it is clean. But you’re dead mistaken. It is the perfect place for dust to manifest and build-up. Therefore they need a thorough cleaning now and then. Make sure you clean it on a daily if you can to avoid the build-up.

7. Under The Tables and Chairs

Cleaning house like a pro also entails going to forgotten spots such as under the table and the chairs. If you clean under the tables and chairs, you will be surprised to find more than just webs. Dust and other small bugs like cockroaches love to settle and leave behind eggs under the table and chairs. Therefore when you go about your house cleaning and organizing, make sure you wash and all chairs and tables.

8. The Walls

If you have kids, then this is very obvious, but if you don’t, it is never apparent. You still have to clean it but most of us don’t think to clean the walls. If you realize that your house seems dull, polishing the wall will brighten the room. Not convinced? Add it to your house cleaning to-do list, and see the difference for yourself

9. All Your Electronics

The next item on the house cleaning list has to be your all your electronics. This includes your TV, radio, home theatre, speakers, laptop, and even the phone. Not forgetting the Wi-Fi router that you’ve had for ages. Please give them a rub down every house cleaning session. As a safety precaution, make sure you unplug from any power source before cleaning them.

10. House Cleaning All Toys and Decorations 

All toys wall hanging paintings light bulbs in every accessory also needs to be cleaned. If you do so, they look better and brighter and additionally get to last longer. So you are not only cleaning them, but you’re also preserving them. Kill two birds with one stone.


It is very fantastic to have a clean home, so pick up all the cleaning tools and get to work. Do not forget to clean the things and places mentioned above.

If there’s anything we have forgotten, please remind us on the comment section below.

Authors bio: Anthony Hibbs enjoys working in the garden to make the perfect landscape. He knows the importance of lawn care, that’s why he tries to look after his lawn with the leaf blower that holds excellent reviews. Anthony 68 years old respectively, he likes to spend his time with children and grandchildren.

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