How to Clean and Fix Damaged Items After Moving

So you have decided to move to Dallas, and the moving day has finally come! You have wrapped everything the best way you could, so there’s no way anything will break, is there? Well, unfortunately, no matter how well you pack your belongings, there’s still a possibility something will end up getting damaged. With the transport being out of your hands, you can never really know if people dealing with your valuables will handle them the right way. The entire process is too unpredictable. However, the good news is that, in many cases, you can clean and fix damaged items after moving if need be. With proper research, determination, and perseverance, your belongings can almost look as good as new.

Gluing a broken tube

Repairing damaged items is, in most cases, possible.

What items most commonly get damaged during the move?

Even though pretty much anything can suffer the consequences of the relocation, some objects have a higher probability of doing so. You can often avoid damaging breakables during transit by packing them securely; however, nothing is guaranteed. The following items are at the most risk of damage and require special care when moving.

  • China, ceramics & glass. Breaking one of these is quite easy even during everyday activities, let alone during the moving process. You risk opening boxes to piles of shards if you don’t secure them properly.
  • Framed artworks. These are also incredibly fragile and require special attention. You can’t just toss them inside a truck and expect them to arrive at their destination in one piece.
  • It isn’t as hard to protect as, let’s say, China. Wrapping furniture in bubble wrap is, in most cases, just enough. However, as these objects are often bulky and heavy, you will likely scuff the walls and the floor of your brand-new home while handling them.
  • When talking about breakable items, lamps are undoubtedly high on the list. Due to their shape, packing them can prove tricky. Of course, it’s not impossible. Separate the lampshades from the bases first. If you have more than one, you can use boxes of various sizes to pack lampshades together, one inside the other. Smaller inside bigger ones. Just like Russian dolls.
  • They are best transported inside of their original packaging.
  • Music instruments. Bulky instruments, such as pianos, should primarily be handled by professionals. On the other hand, smaller ones can be transported inside their cases, with extra padding for maximum protection.
The picture of a ceramic vase

Ceramic objects are among those most vulnerable.

How to repair and clean the damaged goods?

Accidents can happen, and your belongings can get ruined despite all the efforts to protect them. But before you start replacing your damaged items with new ones, bear in mind that most of them are fixable.

Additionally, since special measures during the pandemic need to be taken, you will want to clean all the goods thoroughly after the move. Just like disinfecting yourself after going outside has become the new normal, so has cleaning the objects before bringing them inside. Of course, not all disinfects are suitable for use on all surfaces. Before cleaning anything, carefully read the instructions on the packaging and inform yourself about the Covid-19 cleaning guidelines.

A woman disinfecting a table before she starts to clean and fix damaged items after moving

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Before you clean and fix damaged items after moving, you must disinfect them thoroughly. Just make sure the sanitizer you are using suits the type of surface you are treating.

Taking care of the broken ceramics

You are dealing with a case of a broken vase. Perhaps, a vase that holds sentimental value? If so, then no other can replace it, and the only solution is to fix the one you already have. Luckily, cracked ceramics can be repaired if you act fast. Before you become the ultimate DIY fixer, you must determine the type of ceramics you are dealing with. Is it non-porous or porous? If the latter is the case, prior to gluing the broken pieces together, you must wet the damaged rims for the glue to stick.

Remember to have all your tools ready and work fast. You can use a paperclip to apply the glue to the area. Then, carefully put the broken pieces back in their place. Allow up to one hour for everything to dry. When you notice the glue has dried, remove the excess by scraping it off. And that’s it! After that, of course, you can deal with the residue and the freshly-accumulated dust with the help of a robot vacuum cleaner.

Masking furniture damage

Scuffs and other damages to the furniture are often an occurrence when moving houses. There really is no need to throw out a perfectly good piece of furniture only because of a couple of scratches. Plus, why spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on costly repairs when you can fix the damages yourself!

The majority of scuff marks can be successfully masked with the help of a few tools that you can obtain from just about any home improvement center. Touch-up markers are possibly among the best ones for the job! They can help you lower the appearance of scratches on wooden surfaces. They come in various colors, too, so you can easily find the exact tone you need.

Dealing with damages caused by moisture

Your belongings could be exposed to rainfall while on the move. If so, you could notice some water stains on your furniture after the relocation. There’s no need to worry, though. You can successfully remove the stains from these objects with some common household items, such as baking soda, toothpaste, salt, and vinegar. They are mild and won’t harm your furniture any further.

However, if a wooden object has been heavily affected by water, you need to dry it as soon as possible! A hair-dryer or a fan can be helpful in these situations and can help prevent the wood from deteriorating. They can also stop the formation of bacteria.

Can I avoid dealing with damaged goods?

YES! To avoid dealing with damaged items during the move, hiring quality movers is a must! Reliable movers can provide you with moving insurance, guaranteeing that, if any damages were to occur, your valuables would be repaired, and you would be properly compensated. And then even if you have to clean and fix damaged items after moving, you will know that it was absolutely unavoidable for them to break or scratch, or get filthy. After all, you know what they say. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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