How Professional Cleaners Are Dealing With the COVID-19 Outbreak

Currently, we live in a world where cleaning supplies are invaluable! Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must clean our homes daily to stop spreading the virus. It goes without saying that this has taken a toll on everybody as repeating this activity every day is a nuisance. For that reason, many people decide to hire professional cleaners and let them handle this task. After all, who is better at cleaning and disinfecting an entire home than a professional? Thus, if you want to know how professional cleaners are dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak and how they sanitize our homes while keeping us safe, keep on reading.

What Has Changed?  

For you – nothing has changed! Your home will be clean and safe, just like always. But, when it comes to the ways professionals clean your house, many things have changed. So, what do professional cleaners have to do before and when they enter your home? One of the most important things is going on a health check-up before entering any home. Usually, cleaners have to have their temperature measured. After that, if everything is in order, besides putting on their cleaning suits, they also have to wear masks, gloves, and shoe covers.

Moreover, professional cleaners are trained for different cleaning tasks. For instance, if you are moving into a new home and want to hire cleaning services, they will know how to handle it. Their job is to make you feel better in your new, clean home! Besides move-in cleaning, they also train for move-out cleaning, commercial cleaning, deep cleaning, etc. Nowadays, they also have to prepare for ‘corona’ cleaning as it requires new techniques and methods and new tools and products. So, once you arrive at your new home, you can be sure it is in immaculate condition and perfectly safe.

Stopping the Spread of the Virus 

We all know how this virus spreads – by touching the things and surfaces other people have touched. The virus can stay on certain materials for hours, even days. The obvious way to get rid of it is to disinfect yourself after going outside and keep your home clean. However, maintaining a clean house is not always easy as it is time and energy-consuming. That is why people opt for professional cleaning services. After all, they own the most professional cleaning tools and supplies that you cannot find elsewhere, mainly because of the current supply chain shortages or because they are only available to professional cleaning companies. Moreover, they know how to clean the areas that may ‘attract’ the virus and prevent it from spreading.

Professional Cleaners Must Follow the Health Guidelines 

We hear about different health guidelines almost every single day. The news is constantly changing, and sometimes, it is tough to keep up with them. There are soo many different sanitizing products on the market and millions of cleaning recommendations all around us, so choosing the best for us may be confusing. The only people who know and understand these new rules and keep track properly are professional cleaners. From effectively sanitizing the surfaces to wearing the gloves properly – they know it all. So, if you are not quite sure how to do something, better leave it to professionals.

Cleaning the High-Traffic Areas is their Focus 

One of the things that have changed with the way professional cleaners are doing their job is the area of focus. You are probably aware that some surfaces in your home, like doorknobs, cabinet handles, light switches, and similar, are the places where the virus stays the longest. Professional cleaners are specially trained to identify these areas in any home and clean and sanitize them properly before doing anything else. They also have a detailed cleaning checklist to make sure that nothing is left undone.

Of course, their focus can vary depending on the kind of cleaning service you need. For instance, as we have previously mentioned, if you need a pre-move-in cleaning service, professional cleaners will focus on cleaning all the areas in your new home after the Evolution Moving Company DFW unloads your stuff and unpacks you. But, they will, of course, pay special attention to the things everybody has touched in the process of moving in.

What is Your Job? 

In these difficult times, you cannot rely on somebody else to do everything for you. The same applies to cleaning. Although the professional cleaners can thoroughly clean and sanitize your home, it will be your job to keep it that way until the next time they come. This is necessary to keep your home tidy, but most importantly, it is required to keep yourself, your family, and your mental health safe! Thus, make a plan on how often your home needs to be cleaned by professionals, and between their visits, be sure to sanitize at least the high-traffic areas, and don’t forget items you never clean at least sometimes.

Moreover, just like movers have to pay attention to your safety, you must also pay attention to theirs. If you notice any symptoms of COVID-19, either cancel their service or isolate yourself in a room where you will have no contact with other people. Remember, we are all in this together, and staying safe is everybody’s responsibility. Professional cleaners are dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak quite successfully; make sure you do your part too!

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