Bathroom Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Maintaining your bathroom regularly is an essential part of keeping your house nice and tidy. Without it, you could be at risk of plumbing-related problems like leaks, along with mildew or mold. While the Guardian recommends deep cleaning at least once a week, there are a few tasks that you should do daily or at least every other day, such as wiping down your bathroom or cleaning the toilet. That said, here are some tips to help you easily maintain your bathroom’s cleanliness and avoid any future problems.

Clean your toilet

Cleaning your toilet probably ranks up there with the least pleasant things to do around your house, but it’s something that has to be done nevertheless. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to tackle this problematic area. HomeServe Living points out that you can clean your toilet with Coca-Cola by simply pouring a full can around the rim of the toilet, then leaving it there for four hours before scrubbing and flushing. These four hours let you tackle the rest of the bathroom in the meantime. Of course, the traditional way is to simply arm yourself with rubber gloves, a toilet cleaning agent, and a toilet brushes before giving it a thorough scrub.

Do a daily wipe down

A daily wipe down of your sink and mirrors can do wonders for a constantly clean-looking bathroom. Hair and toothpaste spatters can accumulate, so simply gather up the hair with toilet paper each time you brush and throw it in the trash, and wipe down any toothpaste spatters with a microfiber cloth to avoid it hardening before your next bathroom cleaning session.

Tackle grout every day (or at least once every other day)

Grout is what keeps your bathroom tiles together, but because it is porous and light-colored, it’s prone to stains or damage from water. The Spruce advises a daily wipe and spray routine after baths or showers to keep it clean — while it may be annoying, you can do this at least once every other day. Of course, this doesn’t take away from the tasks you need to do when deep cleaning, as body oils and soap remnants can still cling to the tiles.

Stay organized

Keeping everything organized in your bathroom will help you stay on top of any problems, as you’ll get to access everything immediately when you need it. Not to mention, our article on the ‘8 Ways to Make Your Own Bathroom a Sanctuary’ notes how a minimalist, clean style can open up a bathroom and give it a serene and restful feel. To do this, ensure that cleaning supplies are accessible and in one basket for cleaning days, while other personal items such as extra soap or shampoo can be kept in another. Corralling extra supplies like towels or toilet paper into baskets or boxes also prevents them from getting wet and reduces the risk of mildew.

Keep a regular cleaning schedule

Above all, it’s important to set aside time at least once a week to tackle deep cleaning sessions — be it a Friday or over the weekend. With regular maintenance, your bathroom can be neat, tidy, and presentable without the need for maximum scrubbing or really deep cleaning.

Written by Allison Lee

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