Housecleaning tips for every season

Most people think of spring as the best time to clean their homes from top to bottom. Your house may have gotten stuffy over the cold months of winter and it’s time to air everything out. Although you may want to give your house the biggest deep cleaning in the spring, you’ll also want to do deep cleanings in the winter, summer, and fall. Cleaning your house every season will make spring cleaning all that much easier. You can either clean your house yourself or let us take care of it for you, but make sure you deep clean at least once a season

Summer-time cleaning

Summer is often neglected as a time to clean your home. Instead of cleaning, you want to spend your time on vacation or in the pool. What should you pay attention to during the summer months?

Check windows and doors

Open and close all of your windows and doors to make sure they are working properly. While doing this, clean any built-up dirt in these areas.

Check your laundry room

Summer is a great time to make sure you have enough cleaning supplies. Also, since laundry rooms can get pretty dusty, you’ll want to dust and mop the room thoroughly. Go through any old cleaning supplies and safely dispose of the ones that you are no longer using.

Thoroughly clean your bathroom

You can never clean your bathroom too often. Especially in the summer months, bathroom humidity can be a problem. Make sure that you run your bathroom ran while showering to prevent mold build-up. Another way to prevent mold is to keep the bathroom door open when it is not being used.

Tackle your kitchen

Another area that needs frequent cleaning is your kitchen. Deep clean your appliances including your oven, refrigerator, and microwave. A quick tip to clean your microwave is to heat a bowl of water and add lemon slices to get rid of any lingering orders.

Clean your outdoor space

Now that it is summertime, you are probably spending a lot more time outside. Power wash your deck, driveway, and patio. Also, take to the time to freshen up your patio furniture and grill. This will make using them all summer long.

Winter Cleaning

Once the weather cools down, you’ll want to prepare your home for colder weather. As the temperature dips, switch out your summer and winter wardrobes. By storing clothes that you are not wearing for the season, it will free up valuable space in your closet.

Make your home guest-friendly

Winter is the holiday season when you will have more friends and family in your home. Now is also the time to pay special attention to cleaning your bathrooms, living rooms, dining room, and guest rooms. You’ll want to take this time to vacuum upholstered furniture and clean your draperies.

Pay attention to cabinets

If you use special place settings over the holidays, you probably store them in cabinets that you rarely use. Take this time to clean out the insides of your kitchen cabinets.

Spring Cleaning Season

Spring cleaning is your big deep cleaning of the year is your spring cleaning. Before you start to enjoy the warmer weather, give your home a deep cleaning. Additionally, this is a great time to change the air filter of the HVAC system. You should also clean your windows and baseboards.

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