Benefits of Hiring Maid Service

There are many benefits of hiring a maid service. Whether it’s keeping your house or rental properties clean, it is important for the health and overall well-being of your whole family and tenants. That said, house cleaning isn’t a favorite task for many people. It’s for this reason, as points out, that many people choose to outsource this responsibility to professional cleaning services.

In today’s post, we’ll share with you 6 benefits of hiring a recurring cleaning service for your home.

Lowers Stress

Mess equates to stress. Having a messy home or workspace can leave you feeling overwhelmed, helpless, and anxious. Yet, clutter is rarely recognized as a chief source of stress in our lives.

Luckily, clutter is one of the easiest life stressors to fix unlike other commonly recognized sources of stress. You just need a regular and dependable cleaning service. And, that’s where recurring cleaning services come in.

Reduces Allergy Irritants

Without regular cleaning, your home will become infested with allergy irritants such as mites, dust, and mold. This is especially true because these irritants tend to be nearly invisible.

Fortunately, with recurring cleaning services, you can finally say goodbye to these.

Frees Up Your Time

Undoubtedly, today’s life is busy and hectic. This is true for anyone, but it is particularly so for anyone with kids. Another of the advantages of hiring a recurring cleaning service is that you will be able to free up your time.

You can use the extra time to begin that night’s reading, do some meditation, or any other relaxing activity. One of the best benefits of hiring a maid service is your increased free time.

Keeps Pests Away

This is another one of the benefits of hiring a maid service. Insects and small rodents usually look for a place to hide from the vagaries of weather. They are usually attracted by leftover spills and food crumbs.

An average American home has more than 100 different species of bugs. Pests that can invade your home include fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps, woodworm, moths, spiders, termites, mice, rats, and dust mites.

With a recurring cleaning service, pests in your home will be a thing of the past. Unless the pest problem has gotten out of control, then you’ll need to hire an exterminator.

It’s Healthier

Regular cleaning can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. And, unsurprisingly, study after study has indicated this.

Benefits of a clean house include:

  • You will get sick less frequently. A clean home provides fewer places for germs and bacteria to hide.
  • You will have better sleep. Isn’t it easier to drift to sleep when you do not have any leftover to-dos nagging your brain?
  • You’ll be more productive. When everything is in order, your mind finds it easier to get stuff done.
  • Your home will be much safer for you and your family.

It’s Professionally Done

Professional cleaners understand what their job entails. This is one of the primary benefits of hiring a maid service. You wouldn’t take your car to anyone else other than a mechanic, so why leave your home to anyone else other than a professional.

Professionals understand what combination of tools and products are safe and effective to use on various surfaces.

Today, most people want to always keep their living spaces clean and tidy. But sometimes, it could be very hard to find the time and also the motivation to do that in a regular basis. Usually, people end up not cleaning for the whole month at all, since they’re all caught up with work or life in general. Dirty dishes lying on the countertops, dusty furniture, and a whole lot of stuff floating around.

There are a ton of benefits that you could receive when you choose to hire a professional cleaning service company to help you maintain and organize your home, it’s because most cleaning services companies do offer more than just cleaning services to help improve your living conditions at your home, they make your life easier. Before talking about the benefits of hiring a cleaner, it’s best to discuss why you can’t do it in the first place.

Not all people are gifted in cleaning their spaces! One of the benefits that you’ll notice when you choose to hire a cleaning service provider is that your house will be cleaned professionally by cleaners who have been doing this kind of job for years. They are professional cleaners who could take one though jobs and they know the ins and outs of cleaning It really takes a certain skill and patience to professionally clean a house. Most cleaners are licensed and bonded so you don’t have to worry about your things, and if ever something happens to some of your stuff while they were cleaning you can just raise that concern to the company and they will just reimburse that back to you.

You Can Choose Your Type of Cleaning

Another one of the benefits of hiring a maid service is the ability to choose the type of cleaning you want. Depending on the state of your home, you can freely choose the type of cleaning you want for your schedule. You can add extra services and opt for deep cleaning if you want to. There are also specialized cleaning available like carpet and window cleaning. It’s your choice.

Flexible Schedule

Having a lunch date or taking your family to a movie? You can just call to book the cleaning service and have them clean your house once you’re out and when you get back, you’ll come to a good smelling and tidy home. You spent your time with your loved ones and your house looks pristine, it’s hitting two birds in one stone.

More Benefits of Hiring a Maid Service in Dallas

  • YOU’RE TIRED FROM YOUR JOB There are times that you’ll work a lot of hours and even render overtime. It’s not only difficult to find the time to clean your home, but you’re already lacking the energy. As most people would agree, being at work and working hard every day makes you want to just lie down in bed. That’s normal and people feel that way all the time. While you may not need someone to clean every day for you, opt for a bi-weekly or monthly cleaning service. This way, it would give you more time to enjoy your life and independence, while keeping your home clean.
  • YOU’RE TAKING CARE OF YOUR KIDS Being in a relationship together with a growing family with children could drain you for the whole day. As much as you want to take care of the household, you also seen to neglect to take care of yourself. Even if you are a working or stay-at-home parent, doing all things in a chaotic environment will leave you off getting more tired. Your daily schedules can quickly become very overwhelming; let’s manage your “to do” list and get things off your plate.
  • YOU’LL HAVE GUESTS OVER When you’re the accommodating type of friend or family, you’ll sure have guest every once in a while. It’s nice to have them sleep in a clean and made-up room. The last thing you want is for your guests to feel uncomfortable staying in your place because it’s all messy and unhygienic. The first thing that you need to have a professional clean is your shared restroom, it’s what your guests usually criticize inside your home, it tells them that it’s a reflection of you.
  • YOU HAVE PEOPLE WITH DISABILITY OR ELDERLY IN YOUR HOUSE If a home has too much stuff lying around the floor or anywhere for that matter, it’ll be extra hard for your family that has a disability or for old people to get around. It’s also a safety hazard for them and might lead to future accidents. Your home should have cleared out open spaces for them to freely move and do their thing. Having to hire a professional will take a lot of load from your shoulder and would give you more time to take care of your loved ones.
  • YOU DON’T LIKE TO CLEAN Honestly, this is the most common reasons for hiring a professional cleaning service provider. Cleaning is not for everyone even if you have all the time in the world, some people are not patient enough to clean up their clutter and that’s why the cleaning business is still up and running. It’s not being lazy but the pure dislike of doing the chore. Some people have other things to do instead of cleaning their houses, leave it to the pros.

How to Hire the Right Recurring Cleaning Service

Valet Maids Cleaning

Sometimes, the decisions to hire a recurring service can be a tough one to make. That’s why you need to do proper due diligence before signing on the dotted signs.

The following are some questions to help you get started.

How do you maintain the quality of your service?

Choose the one that provides you with a satisfaction guarantee in the event you become unhappy with their service.

Do you bring cleaning equipment and supplies?

This question is important as not all cleaning services come with their own supplies and equipment.

Are you insured and bonded?

This ensures that in case something in your home is damaged or goes missing you will be compensated.

How much does your recurring cleaning service cost?

Most cleaning services charge an hourly rate for the initial visit. If the cleaning service you choose does that also, make sure you put a cap on the estimated hours. This will help save on costs.

Do you perform background checks on employees?

Hire one that does. The last thing you want is to have a criminal cleaning your home.

How long have you been in business?

Check the one that has been in business long enough. The long-run is an indicator that they have been successful in the services they offer.

A clean home is a happy home. Hiring a recurring cleaning service can help you in this regard. Just make sure to do proper diligence when hiring.

What To Do With Your New Free Time

Life is busy and there is always a lot going on between home and work. What’s the solution? Having a cleaning service Dallas is a must. With work, school, kids activities, birthday parties, dinner dates, vet appointments, and so much more going on in our daily lives, it is hard to find time to just breathe and relax. Some people enjoy having different activities to do daily. Others enjoy the hours they can spend binge-watching Netflix once a week. But no matter how much you like, or don’t like, having free time, there is one thing most people can agree on—they hate cleaning.

If you are one of those strange people who find cleaning therapeutic, you can stop reading this blog now. But if you are like a great majority of the population, cleaning is something you hate. You avoid it at all costs and when it finally cannot be avoided any longer, you spend hours cleaning your home and hating every minute of it. Some people hate cleaning but know how necessary it is, so they set a time each week to clean their entire home. Depending on the house size, this could take hours.

Imagine if those hours spent cleaning suddenly became your free time, think about what you would be able to do. If cleaning truly is one of your least favorite things to do, then stop doing it. Life is too short to do things we all hate (except work because that is important), so why not enjoy a few free hours each week rather than spending them cleaning? With Valet maids, you can get your Dallas home cleaned week after week, while you enjoy your day.

Valet Maids offers many different cleaning services, from one-time cleanings to move out cleaning, but when you hire us for recurring residential cleanings, you will have a clean home without having to clean the home yourself! It is quite a magical thought, isn’t it? So, what would you be able to do with your extra hours of free time each week? In this blog, we are going to go over a few of the many things you would finally have time to do!


For some, shopping is a great way to blow off steam and spend quality alone time. While we are cleaning your home, you can indulge in your much needed retail therapy. Hit your favorite stores, do some shopping for your family, and stop worrying about whether or not the home needs to be clean while doing it! We are taking care of everything.


Just because you didn’t start your New Year’s resolution in January, doesn’t mean you can’t start now! Not having enough time is one of the most popular excuses people use for not going to the gym. Now that we are helping you clean your home, you will have time to head to the gym and work out! Lift weights, run on the treadmill, head to a yoga class, and spend a few hours at the gym! This is a great way to start working on your New Year’s resolutions and you finally have time. No excuses now!


You finally don’t have to spend your Sunday cleaning the house, what are you going to do with it? We suggest relaxing. Don’t hire us just to find more tasks to complete. Instead, head to your favorite spa and enjoy a mani-pedi, a massage, and a facial. You can relax, get pampered, and come home to a clean home! Does that sound great or what? Spend time enjoying a day to yourself rather than cleaning your home for the entire family.


Many people love reading but never have time. If this is you, hiring home cleaners can give you more time to do the things you love, like reading. Grab your favorite book, head to a nearby park, and get lost in different stories. Or maybe you are an aspiring writer, this would be the perfect time to start working on a book of your own. Spend the extra hours you now have each week writing and working on your book. Now you have no excuses to not get started on your masterpiece!


The football season just ended, but there is plenty to prepare for the next Fantasy Football season. Start watching college games, study up on new players, and be sure you watch the drafts. You want to beat your coworkers this year and it will be easy once you study and memorize all of the information, players, and other stats. Studying up a few hours each week can help you become the ultimate Fantasy Football player, you can win it all!


Family time can be hard to come by these days. With both parents working, each kid in ten different activities, and everyone’s schedule as different as can be, it is no wonder, families spend less and less time together. But while Valet maids is helping out and giving your home the TLC it needs, you can spend time with your family doing whatever your family enjoys doing. Go to your favorite place for lunch, head to a park, go to the beach, go see a movie you have been wanting to see, or do anything else that you want to do.


Nowadays, we rarely have time to enjoy our hobbies. With everything else going on, it is easy to forget about doing the things we love doing. While we clean your home, spend time painting, doing photography, knitting, or whatever else you love doing!

Whatever it is you wish you have more time for, Valet Maids can help. Our recurring services allow you to get you home cleaned weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, offing you more free time to do whatever you want and allow you to come home to a clean home. Learn more about Valet Maids and contact us today!

Now that you’ve seen all of the benefits of hiring a maid service, what are you waiting for? Valet Maids is a Dallas maid service that gives you your time back for the things that you enjoy. Book online at or by calling 214-438-4804.

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