Car Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Car Clean

Cars are quite often one of the most prized possessions of an individual. Whether you have a classic car, an SUV, or a jeep, caring for your vehicle would always be a priority. The sheer fact that these are one of the most stable, long-term investments, excellent maintenance of your car would only do you right. The condition of your vehicle is a reflection of your everyday life. The messier the vehicle, the more likely are you to get stuck in unnecessary chaos and drama. Moreover driving a clean car is a joy, people spend entire days cleaning, washing, and organizing their vehicles.

If the owners are busy, they get the job professionally done because a clean car not only improves your mood but it is also appreciated by your fellow passengers. We believe that hiring professionals to clean your home, office or car is a perk no one should miss out on!

Almost all of us have been in a vehicle that is either smelling like a garbage can with leftover bags of food, half-consumed bottles of beverage, and candy wrappers loiter along with you. Alternatively, you might have seen a car with a beautiful exterior and a deteriorating interior: where the carpets are stained beyond repair, the upholstery is fraying and tattered. These things can happen to anyone. As much as you try to keep your vehicle, it always gets messy. The kids will never spill the cranberry juice on the new carpeting in the car; your industrial gear will forever damage the same corner. Your beloved pet would pee on your car mat even if it has relieved itself a few minutes before getting into your car.

Taking Care Of Your Car

Since we are here, there’s no need for you to fear. As fellow vehicle owners, we understand your woes of stains and chaos. We have decided to help our readers in cleaning the dreaded vehicle carpeting that they have been trying to procrastinate for the longest time. Here is a list of carefully curated tips to help you clean the carpets instead of replacing them. It’s time for you to get the note-taking tools out because by the end of this article you will have learned a thing or two!

We believe that cleaning out even the carpets and floor mats on the car can make a huge difference in its condition. It makes the car look fresh, leaves a positive impression on anyone that rides with you, and also helps your mind stay at peace. We understand that it’s very easy for crumbs, dirt, and dust to accumulate on the carpeting. However, it’s very fortunate of the human race that it’s easier to clean them despite our perceptions.


The day you decide to embody the spirits of Mary Kondo and Martha Stewart, you need to be prepared! The first and foremost step, that almost equals common sense is physical sorting. You need to sit the vehicle and empty it. Every piece of belonging, every single wrapper, and water bottle must be out of the car and sorted into groups. Try to organize all the things that you’ve taken out. The next step is to remove the floor mats and removable carpets to shake off all the dust and dirt. Once the physical dusting is done, you can use the vacuum cleaner for a finer cleansing. Remember to use the handheld nozzle in every tiny crevice of your car.

What’s Next? The Stains.

Once the mats are all clean, you can now focus on the carpeting. Look for stains from spillages and try to work on them. Use cold water for dilution and then blot it out with a white, smooth cloth. If plain water fails to remove the stain, we suggest that you take help from a premium spot cleaner, the likes of which are readily available in stores and online. 
Take a little patch test before using the stain removing liquid. If the carpeting of your vehicle is colorfast, stop the use immediately. If the carpet accepts the fluid, you can dampen the stain in its entirety. Rub or blot the affected area with a clean, preferably white cloth and remember to rinse it out often. Repeat the process until the stain disappears. When the carpeting of your vehicle is drying, you can use that time to clean up the floor mats thoroughly!

How To Clean The Floor Mats?

The floor mats are one of the most natural things to clean in the car. Once you have removed the carpets from the vehicle, the first step is to vacuum clean. After the initial clean-up, you can use a multi-surface cleaner appropriate for the car to douse all the stubborn stains like coffee, oil, dirt, mud, and whatnot.  The stain removing liquid can be easily washed by water. Remember to hang the floor mats for drying. We suggest that if any of the upholstery in the car stains due to a child’s mistake, or a pet stain, you must clean it out immediately.

If your schedule or lifestyle makes it difficult for you to spend the time cleaning out your car, then there’s no harm in taking help from affordable cleaning services too!

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