The Best Dallas Home Mobile Apps To Try Today

If you look at any of the major apps today, you will be overrun with app choices, and all are advertised to be the “best.” In fact, just between Apple and Google’s app stores, there are over 800,000 apps out there. And, with more and more apps popping up every day, finding useful apps can feel like a full-time job. Whether you are looking to incorporate some smart technologies into your home or just simplify your life as a homeowner, we’ve compiled a list of the five best apps for your home. 

Belkin’s WeMo app (w/ WeMo Smart Plug)

Belkin’s wi-fi-enabled smart plugWeMo allows you to turn any device that plugs into the wall into a smart device. Simply plug the device into the WeMo Smart Plug and use the WeMo app to turn it on or off from your phone, no matter where you are. The app also provides homeowners with energy usage data and lets you create rules and routines for your plug. So, if you know you get home from work at 6:30 pm, set a routine to have your lamps turn on at 6:25 pm and never come home to a pitch-black house again. 

Ring (w/ Ring Video Doorbell)

Starting at only $99.99, Ring Video Doorbells are an absolute necessity for any homeowner.  The Ring Doorbell has wi-fi enabled, motion-activated camera, which allows you to see who is approaching your door anywhere at any time. Additionally, if someone enters your yard, the Ring app opens a direct HD feed from the doorbell camera. Additionally, the app also allows you to speak with whoever is outside of the door thanks to the doorbell’s two-way radio. Whether you’re home alone, at the store, or 1,000 miles away, Ring provides you with an essential added layer of security. 

Mint by Intuit

Mint is the original budgeting app for your finances – and it reigns supreme in the world of finance apps. Owned by Intuit, Mint consolidates all of your accounts, bills, and balances into one place allowing you to keep track of all your finances without any headaches. Additionally, the bill tracking feature allows you to set reminders for bill due dates and get notified when funds are running low. The app also provides you with great budgeting tools and free credit score monitoring.  

SleepIQ by Sleep Number

You probably haven’t given much thought to smart beds – but they are the future of sleep. Sleep Number smart beds have built-in biometric sensors that track movement, heart rate, and breathing patterns while you sleep. The SleepIQ app then syncs with the bed and analyzes this data to provide you with adjustments that will improve your sleep. Also, we all know that sleep is vital to the functioning of our entire body and mind, so it is time that we start prioritizing our sleep health.

Color Capture by Benjamin Moore

Color Capture is perfect for anyone who hates to spend hours scrutinizing paint chips. The app allows you to capture any color that inspires you in the world with your camera. Then, it matches the color in the photo to a corresponding Benjamin Moore paint color. Also, Color Capture also lets you experiment with color palettes, so you can finally pick the perfect color combination for your bedroom.  

Also, with the countless number of home apps out there, trying to find the most helpful apps can be an overwhelming experience. Use these five apps for your home to make the most out of your phone and improve your daily life at home. For apps focused on smart home automation, check out this amazing app.

Cleaning Apps: Valet Maids

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