How to Deep Clean Your Closet Easily

Deep cleaning your closet is something that should be done on at least an annual basis. It’s easy to have an overcrowded closet when we keep buying new clothes without getting rid of what we already have. When your closet is overcrowded it becomes hard to find the clothes you want to wear and end up wearing the same things over and over again. If it’s time for deep cleaning of your closet, try our tips below.

Put on your favorite music

Cleaning is always more fun when you do it to music. When you get yourself in the right mood, it makes cleaning more enjoyable. If you are not in the mood for music, put on your favorite podcast. Get in a good mood before you start cleaning.

Take everything out of your closet

The best way to start is with a clean slate. For a thorough deep cleaning take everything out of the closet. This way you will only need to put back in the items that you will actually wear. The first step is removing everything from the space.

Get to cleaning

Start cleaning your closet with a dusting cloth. Clean the shelves, drawers, and any cabinets you have in your closet. Use a mild household cleaning to go over every surface in your closet. Make sure that everything is dry before putting any of your clothes back in the closet.

Next, you will want to clean the floor of your closet. This is an area that often gets neglected. A closet is a closed space and can sometimes have a musty odor. A great way to get rid of this smell is to use baking soda. Sprinkle the baking soda on the carpet and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then go over the area with a vacuum cleaner. This will naturally remove the smell. Be sure that you vacuum in corners and get in the nooks and crannies.

Finally, you will want to wipe down the walls and ceilings of the space. You may need a duster with a long handle to take care of high areas in your closet. Don’t forget to clean your closet light fixtures.

Sort everything

Now that the closet itself is clean, it’s time to go sort through everything before putting it back into your closet. Go through and decide which items you want to keep, which you want to donate, and which items you want to throw away. If there are items that you have not worn in the past year then it’s time to let those items go.

Put your items back in the closet

The items you decide to keep need to go back in your closet. Now that you have gotten rid of several items, it should seem like to have a lot more space in your closet. Take a picture so that you can be proud of your hard work!

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