How to Easily Clean Your Freezer

People rarely enjoy cleaning their kitchen, and the refrigerator is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome in this endeavor. However, if there is anything worse than cleaning the fridge, it must be the freezer. And it doesn’t make much difference if it is a smaller compartment integral to your fridge or a separate freezing appliance.

Cleaning the freezer is tricky because you could spend the entire day trying to unfreeze it with only modest results. Also, sometimes you have to throw away food to clean the freezer, or you end up with a week’s worth of spoiled groceries by the time you finally finish cleaning it. When we add that your kitchen floor will probably be completely flooded, it is easy to see why it is so common for so many people to postpone their annual freezer cleaning. However, there’s no need to worry – with the following pro tips and tricks, you will be able to clean your freezer easily, without even turning it off. So, let’s dig in.

Putting your freezer into your schedule can be a nuisance, but sometimes it is simply necessary.

Why is occasional cleaning necessary?

Why do we even clean our freezers in the first place? This question usually pops up in moments before freezer cleaning. Sometimes it may seem unnecessary to go through the trouble, but there are practical reasons why refrigerator and freezer manufacturers recommend cleaning your freezer at least every six months.

Namely, dirty, iced up freezers usually impact the refrigerator’s efficiency, increase the electricity bill, and sometimes even ruin the stored food. Also, awkward smells coming from one product can spoil the foods in the vicinity, making for an unpleasant experience. Fortunately, adopting proper ‘freezer’ hygiene should be enough to stop this from happening.

In case you are moving to a new apartment, it is best if you clean the freezer and the refrigerator before your move. In case you need help with getting your bulky refrigerator ready for transport, a good local moving company should be able to give you a hand. So, in case you are not sure how to deal with unplugging and transporting your refrigerator, there’s no need to worry – you can always call in assistance to help you out. But, make sure you have set some time aside to clean it well.

So, there are obvious dangers related to neglecting your freezer for too long. If the ice piles up to the point of no return, that is, if the ice does not give way when you try to ‘pick’ it with a knife or other sharp item, then the easiest thing that you can do to fix the problem is to call a professional cleaning company that will handle the matter quickly and thoroughly.

It easy to neglect your freezer when you use it so rarely, but if you do not do it in time, it will only become harder to do later on when the ice piles up

A quick and simple method for cleaning a freezer

There are times when it is challenging to devote several hours out of your busy schedule to thoroughly clean your freezer, especially if you are preparing for an international move or to another state. Although the temptation to postpone this tedious task might be overwhelming, we recommend you put in the hard work before calling the crew from to ship all of your belongings overseas. You will be grateful to yourself because you cleaned your fridge and freezer before you have moved into your new home.

In cases when you cannot devote an entire day to defrost the freezer, there is another easier method that does not necessitate turning off your freezer and committing to cleaning for more than an hour or two. Although this method does not compare to a deep clean, it is nonetheless useful for cleaning at least to some degree before you find the time to take care of this correctly.

You will enjoy spending time in your kitchen once you make sure that all of your appliances are working properly.

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So, this method is a quick fix if you have an iced up freezer. To get better results and to circumvent potential damage to your appliance, always turn off your freezer or refrigerator to let the ice thaw completely.

Items and materials necessary for cleaning

Be sure to wear rubber gloves – you don’t want to expose your hands to ice-cold temperatures for too long. Also, having a roll of paper towels or a sponge on the side is a good idea if the ice starts to melt a lot. Finally, you need the following ingredients to make the solution that will help the ice thaw quickly:

  •       vinegar,
  •       dishwashing liquid.

How to go about it?

  1.     The first step is to empty the freezer – you can put the food in the fridge for the time being or in an ice-filled cooler if you expect this cleanse to last for a while,
  2.     Take the paper towels and ‘upholster’ the edges of your freezer with them. Once the ice starts melting, the water may make a mess around your freezer or fridge. The paper towels are there to soak up the excess water.
  3. Now you need to prepare the cleaning solution. Pour equal parts vinegar and hot water into a pot. You can add baking soda instead of vinegar into soapy water if you cannot stand the smell of vinegar. (Avoid using bleach or other potentially harmful chemicals!)
  4. Now, you are ready to clean your freezer by ‘wiping’ the pile of ice with a warm sponge or cloth that you had previously soaked up with the solution you made. Once the ice starts to thaw, you should be able to break off the bigger chunks with your hands (don’t forget to put on gloves!)
  5. Throw the chunks of ice into the sink.
  6.     Use a clean cloth to wipe the freezer after you get rid of the ice.

Et voila, you have successfully defrosted your freezer. Well done!

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