How to Upgrade Your Bathroom Without Spending A Lot

It is possible to take your bathroom from pale to fabulous without risking bankruptcy. Often, when giving a tour of your home, the bathroom rarely gets mentioned. If it does, it’s only with an ‘it is over there ‘and you move on to showcase your kitchen. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, it is not a place to take décor shortcuts.

Remember anyone entering your home must at one point—like some unwritten rule, visit the bathroom. If they find urine stains, no tissue or soap in the dispenser, irrespective of whether it’s clean or not, they will cringe. It is, therefore, important to update the vibe of your bathroom. It should be a place where you can find solitude after a long day.

Most people know better than to bother anyone using the space. Anyway, does anything feel as good as a long bath or shower after a bad day? With the bathroom of your dreams, it raises the experience a notch higher. Whether you need a change from your dated bathroom, or you are bored of with the status quo, it is possible to do it in a snap and on a budget too. Here are some ideas that will help you brighten up space without using a fortune.


Painting is one of the easiest ways you can refresh and give your bathroom a different look. Additionally, small bathrooms are a burden to most and, you could do with some more space. Turns out, depending on the color of paint you choose, you can easily and cheaply make your space look larger. From cool white to dramatic red, colors literally evoke certain feelings. There’s no precise rule on how to paint the space, it’s a matter of personal taste. However, since the space is generally limited and has unique functions, special consideration should be taken as you pick your color scheme. Think of what mood you want to generate. Do you want laid-back rhythms that encourage relaxing at the end of the day? Or do you prefer an alarm-clock hue that stimulates your senses during your morning routine? Painting can do so much in changing your space’s overall look. Basically, think about shades that will make your space appear larger, brighter, warmer, and more welcoming.

Upgrade the Mirror

There is definitely a mirror for every taste, whether modern or classic. Mirrors are key in pulling off a trick that fools the eye that there’s more space in a room than there actually is. Besides playing a key role in grooming, mirrors can be used creatively to refresh and contribute to giving your space a charismatic effect. If you already have a mirror in your bathroom, you don’t have to lose it and buy a new one. Easily upgrade it by changing its frame.

As with art, mirrors can be grouped, or stand-alone. Although be careful as you hang your mirrors since as easy as it is for a mirror to reflect the beauty of a room, it can also cast back undesirable reflections. Add character to this space by creating a gallery of different mirrors. Group them together to create an area which dazzles, adding light and interest to the room. Exploring with your mirrors gives you endless opportunities to add that extra something to your bathroom.

Re-grout Bathroom Tile

Tiles are amazing in this room. They are long-lasting and simple to clean. However, if your grout is stained or crumbling, it brings down the whole look. Furthermore, if ignored, falling out grout will cause leakage which leads to more damage. While it is not a luxurious material you will use as you update your space, it plays a big role in the final look of your bathroom. Re-grouting cannot fail in refreshing the look of a tiled bathroom. The process is actually easier than it sounds. Yet if you are doing it yourself since it will be more economical, it takes time, technique and you will want to take it easy.

Maximize Storage

There is nothing that messes up your bathroom like clutter. It is limited space and you’d be wise to maximize your storage space in the most creative ways. Well, since it’s easier said than done, you will need some help in keeping clutter at bay to create an appealing look. First, start by decluttering your bathroom. Throw away the empty bottles and broken combs. Also, find a different storage room for things you don’t use regularly in the bathroom. You can then make use of decorative baskets. It reduces the number of items displayed, therefore, gives off an organized look. Also, make use of an open shelf instead of adding more cabinets. Having an organized bathroom goes deeper than aesthetic purposes. It also gives you a good start while preparing yourself for the day.


Beautiful lighting plays a big role in every room, but it plays a particularly important role in your bathroom. Incidentally, too often lighting in this room is low on the list of priorities. A bathroom is no longer just a functional room. It’s a room that you can go to and take hours, all by yourself. Therefore, create a sanctuary by instilling different types of lights. When it comes to the bathroom, you need both beauty and functionality. The best and cheapest way to let in more light is by maximizing natural light. Ensure your window treatment lets in light. Then you can go ahead and choose the right bulb and light depending on the effect you want. With lights, you can totally refresh your bathroom look.

Update your accessories

Accessories are key elements in creating the mood, style, and look of your little room. Mostly, people think of the bathing or shower system as the most important of all as they upgrade. This might be true but you don’t want to deny your home that effect of well-picked accessories. When you select the right accessories, you can make your bathroom look inviting, cozy, and glamorous.

Try out some of the things mentioned above and watch your tired old bathroom come back to life on a budget.

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