How is Professional House Cleaning Different?

Sure, you can clean your own home, but why do that if you don’t have to? Professional house cleaning will get your house cleaned faster and also give you the leisure time you need to focus on the stuff you truly care about.

But what is it that makes expert cleaners so good at what they do? What can they do, that you can’t replicate yourself? Keep reading and we’ll tell you more about some of the features you should look for in your Dallas cleaning service of choice.

What should you expect from a house cleaner?

Reputable cleaning companies pride themselves on maintaining a certain quality level that is nearly impossible to achieve without extensive training, experience, and access to first-rate cleaning supplies. They will normally have a transparent pricing system that offers flat-fee pricing.

More importantly, they will thoroughly screen the maids they work with to ensure expertise, trustworthiness, and a great work ethic. This screening process often involves extensive interviews, reference and background checks, and test cleanings.

Finally, when you book a home cleaning, you can rest assured your maid will arrive within their arrival window, and that they’ll bring all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies with them. It’s their job to ensure everything is cleaned quickly and correctly so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

what rooms do house cleaners clean

What rooms does a house cleaner clean?

Typically, a house cleaner will clean every room in your home. However, if you only want specific rooms cleaned you can opt for an hourly rate instead. Using our booking system, you can easily indicate which rooms you would like cleaned and indicate in the notes if you have any special requests.

On our booking form, you can specify any extras that you would like including cleaning inside cabinets, doing laundry, and cleaning inside your refrigerator or oven.

What should you look for in house cleaners?

You should consider several different factors when hiring a company for professional house cleaning:

  • Trustworthiness The first thing you should consider when choosing a cleaning service is: are their cleaners trustworthy? We make sure that all of our maids are trustworthy before we allow them in your home. We understand that allowing someone in your home is a big deal.
  • Satisfaction guarantee Make sure that your cleaning company has a satisfaction guarantee. Not only do we give you a call after your first cleaning to make sure you are happy, we also have our Sweet Treat Guarantee. This means that, of course we will come back and make your cleaning right. However, we will also send you a batch of warm cookies as an extra apology.
  • Available cleaning services Make sure that the desired cleaning services are offered. We do not offer carpet or upholstery cleaning and instead focus on standard cleanings, deep cleanings, and move-out cleanings.

What is the best house cleaning service in Dallas?

what to look for in house cleaners

Here at Valet Maids, we aren’t just in the business of matching our clients with top-notch cleaners. We also work to improve the lives of our neighbors and, in doing so, make the world a better place.

Need more reasons for professional house cleaning? We have a few more reasons for you below.

Why hire a professional house cleaning service in Dallas?

Unfortunately, there are still people that avoid hiring professional house cleaning services in Dallas, thinking they are either too expensive or too posh for their needs. Some people might not even know that this kind of service exists. However, we are here to tell you that professional house cleaning services can be found in your city and they are a lot more affordable than you might think. Thus, if you have a busy schedule, or you are not too keen on cleaning your home all the time (and keeping it that way), do not refrain! With their help, your home will be spotless and your energy and time will be saved. Here are some great reasons why you should hire professional cleaning services in Dallas!


We live in a hectic world. With work, family, home, and social activities, most of us do not have time for keeping our homes constantly clean and spotless. And, that is okay! Luckily, today, you can hire people to do anything you do not want to. The same applies to cleaning. You can hire a professional cleaning company to help you with your spring cleaning, to clean your home when you’re moving to Texas from another state, to maintain your home while you are away, or to simply keep your home perfectly clean every single day while you tackle more important things. Whatever situation you may be in, at least you do not have to worry about cleaning. Your home will always be spotless and gleaming.


Why would you go shopping for cleaning supplies when you can go shopping for something more interesting like shoes? We can all agree that this kind of shopping is tiresome and simply boring. Not only that, but it is also expensive! Just like there are house-cleaning tips for every season, there are also cleaning supplies for each surface. If you ever went to a store that sells cleaning supplies, you know what we are talking about.

However, if you are, for example, preparing your home for selling by cleaning and deodorizing it and you need to show it in its best light or if your spring cleaning period is approaching, trust us, your list of cleaning supplies will add up. A better option is to simply hire professional cleaning services in Dallas. These professionals will come with their own expert supplies and knowledge of which surfaces to use them on.


Another great reason for hiring professional cleaning services is having peace of mind. You will not have to choose between going to your yoga class and vacuuming your entire house, for example. You will not have to worry about cleaning your entire house while preparing for a move. Just like you can hire movers like to relocate you, you can also hire professional cleaners to clean everything, before or after the move. As mentioned before, we live in a world where hiring somebody else to do the job for us is not a privilege only available to a select few, but something that anyone can opt for.

Moreover, besides having peace of mind and a professional result, you will also avoid stressing about whether or not you have used the right kind of cleaning supplies. Our homes are made of different materials, and so, they all require different techniques and chemicals in order to be cleaned. Professional cleaners are trained and experienced in these kinds of things. With their services, you will not have to stress about damaging your surfaces nor anything else in your home.


All of us have something we hate cleaning. Somebody hates vacuuming. Somebody hates scrubbing the bathroom. And somebody hates washing the windows. Again, that is all okay. Some places in our home can be particularly challenging to clean. For instance, that can be the light fixture over the stairway or a chandelier above the coffee table.

Because we avoid cleaning all those places that are either hard to reach or we simply hate cleaning, we end up having a very dirty home. However, if we leave things as they are for a longer period of time, that dirty and filthy home will become unhygienic and impossible to live in. Save yourself from that trouble by hiring somebody to clean your home and handle the places you always avoid cleaning, so that you can start looking forward to coming home and enjoying the space.


Last but certainly not the last reason why you should hire professional cleaning services is having more time for yourself. That means more time for your work, family, friends, hobbies, etc. More time for pretty much anything! Remember, time is luxury, but cleaning services are not. Anybody can afford them. Thus, do not waste your precious time cleaning your home. We all know how time- and energy-consuming that can be. Just think about all those hours a week you spend on this task. Can you think of a better way to spend them? If you can, well, you already know what to do.

Hiring somebody to clean your home is the same as going to a massage – a gift to yourself. Give yourself time for something you enjoy doing, and let somebody else handle keeping your home clean.


Imagine being able to schedule cleaning whenever it suits you, and as often as you like? Not only can you decide to stick to a specific, trusted cleaner that you’ve gotten to know, but also have a perfectly clean and tidy home all the time – without lifting a finger.


Good question, two simple answers: professionals do it better and you’re not a fan of chores. Not only is it easier to delegate cleaning to the pros than having to do it yourself, but it’s also guaranteed to deliver flawless results every single time!


If you’re constantly exasperated with your untidy home, thinking “No one in the world, not even the absolute best maid service near me can deal with this mess!”, think again! Experienced cleaners have the expertise, the tools, and the supplies needed to tackle housecleaning in a thorough and efficient way. They never miss or skip a spot!


Naturally, you want to spend as much of your time enjoying yourself, doing the things that you find fulfilling, enjoying invigorating new experiences, and creating memories that are worth cherishing. Spend more time with your family and friends and less tackling tedious household chores. It sounds cheesy but it’s true: you owe it to yourself.


How meticulous are you really going to be when you’re doing the same thing (say, scrubbing the shower) for the umpteenth time this year? Exactly. Plus, you don’t even get a “thank you” from the other members of your household for all that hard work. It’s time to leave that dreary routine behind you and let detail-oriented professional cleaners take over.

When you schedule your professional house cleaning, you get more than just a sparkling clean home. You also get the gift of free time that you can use to go dancing with your friends or attend a wonderful art show at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.

Book a cleaning today. We can’t wait to send a cleaning team who can give you the fresh, pristine home you want and deserve.

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