Top Cleaning Advice for Dallas Seniors

When you are a senior, cleaning can be a very demanding task. All those health issues and a possible low energy level can sometimes make seniors neglect the necessity to face the problem and get down to organizing a thorough cleaning of their homes. At the point when all that clutter and untidiness start causing anxiety and stress, it becomes necessary to act promptly. But is it possible to turn cleaning into a breeze? Luckily, the answer is “yes” and we can help you achieve it. Here is some top cleaning advice for Dallas seniors.  Read, plan, get your cleaning tools, and get to it!

A cleaning checklist always helps

Proper organization is a must whenever you need to complete a set of various tasks. When you organize a party, pack for a holiday, or want to move hassle-free anywhere in Texas, a good, detailed plan is an immense helper. So, take some time to make your own cleaning checklist. What should it include? Here are some tips:

  • Everyday tasks like dusting or sweeping the floors, for example.
  • Weekly tasks like vacuuming or doing the laundry.
  • Keeping your medicine cabinet organized because it is important to dispose of expired medications and those you do not use any more. However, bear in mind that this has to be done properly and in accordance with certain regulations. Be well-informed on this point prior to commencing.
  • Disposing of spoilt or expired food. We all forget about some food at the back of our refrigerators that has long since overstayed its welcome. You might come across it once you decide to keep your pantry organized as well. Get rid of this food because it is unhealthy and it can spread nasty odors in your living space too.
  • Think about your safety and change the smoke detector batteries. This should be done every six months. Also, make sure you update your emergency kit if necessary. Finally, fire extinguishers need to be checked on a regular basis and you should have at least two in your home.

Use the appropriate cleaning tools

A great number of seniors face various mobility issues, so they need cleaning tools that will ease the process of cleaning and present the least serious challenge to them.

Firstly, you need to use the full potential of your dishwasher. You can use it for glasses, plates, pots, and pans, but also for your grandchildren’s toys, or oven knobs, for example. However, remember to turn off the dry cycle for those items that might melt at these high temperatures. Also, remove metal items as soon as possible to avoid rust.

Secondly, a broom is a great tool for difficult-to-reach areas you need to clean. It will prevent any back pain and make the cleaning process easier to handle. You can use it not only to sweep or scour your floors but for shower walls as well.

Have you heard of Angry Mama microwave oven steam cleaner? All you need is water and some vinegar, and Mama will do everything for you. It will clean and disinfect your microwave in a couple of minutes and there is no need to use harmful and dangerous chemicals.

Use a lint roller for your lampshades. In a few simple up-and-down moves, your lampshades will be perfectly clean and dust-free. It requires neither much time nor effort to complete this task successfully, which is exactly the solution you need.

A pair of rubber gloves is an efficient tool for picking your fluffy and loveable pet’s hair. It’s significantly less tiring than vacuuming, and it will keep your furniture clean. Put the gloves on your hands and run them over your furniture. The rubber and the furniture will create enough static for the hair to stick. And voila! You get the desired effect. Rinsing your hands off in a bucket of water is enough to clean the gloves because the hair will fall off easily.

Instead of using any chemicals that you should not inhale and that can harm your health, clean your windows with a microfiber cloth and some water. You will see that the windows will be squeaky clean without any of those annoying marks nobody likes.

Finally, here is one of the bathroom maintenance tips you need to know.  To keep your toilet spotless for weeks, all you need is a mason jar and some white vinegar. Fill the jar with vinegar and make a few holes in the lid. Then, put the jar in the water tank, and the problem is solved at least for some time.

Decluttering is a must

Eliminating clutter is certainly one of the top pieces of cleaning advice for Dallas seniors. The more items there are in your home, the more exhausting it will be to keep your home neat and tidy. Hence, take some time to check your belongings and get rid of all those you do not need or do not use anymore. You will get more free space and a home that is considerably easier to maintain on a daily basis.

While organizing the items you want to keep, make sure all your hallways and walkways stay clear. This will reduce the risk of falling and getting injured to a minimal level. Also, using small bins for storage is a good idea because these are easy to carry from one place to another. They are also useful for items you can’t put in their proper place during the day. Moreover, they help you avoid making clutter. Similarly, you can use mobile storage in the kitchen for various kitchen supplies and make cooking much more easier and enjoyable.

Getting some help is just fine

If cleaning your home still seems to be a task too difficult for you to handle successfully, the top cleaning advice for Dallas seniors you should apply is to get the necessary help. You can ask your family members to assist you with this cleaning endeavor or you can simply hire the best professional cleaners in Dallas. While professionals organize and conduct a thorough cleaning for you, you can relax and enjoy doing something you like. You will get a perfectly clean home in no time so that you can get back to your usual daily activities very fast.

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